Get a Weighted Blanket To Keep Anxiety at Bay While You Sleep

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* Weighted Blankets can help relieve anxiety and promote better sleep patterns
* It’s best to choose one that weighs 10% of your body mass
* Try one from one of theses great brands

Weighted blankets have the added benefit of “grounding” or “earthing” you, which essentially means it gently presses your body down and helps you feel more centered. These type of blankets have been linked to helping with those who suffer from ADHD and autism, but they’re best known for helping with the treatment of anxiety and stress-induced insomnia. The deep pressure touch helps to regulate your breathing and promote relaxation. See below for some of the best-selling options to try.

1. Amy Garden Weighted Blanket for Anxiety

This blanket’s inner weighted layer is made of 100% breathable cotton, and is filled with hypo-allergenic glass beads. You can choose whatever weight you’d prefer, but 10% of your body weight is recommended.

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2. Hiseeme Youth Weighted Blanket for Kids

This kids-sized blanket has been described as a “warm hug” and will make a great gift as temperatures start to drop. The deeper pressure caused by the added weight is thought to increase melatonin levels.

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3. Weighted Blankets by Sonno Zona

This blanket allows you to choose between having a cover, or a simple cotton blanket. Both are also machine washable, and can be tumble dried.

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4. 20lb Premium Weighted Blanket

Slightly over-sized, this blanket works great over a queen or king bed, or as a cuddling buddy on the couch.

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