10 Cheesiest Gifts for Pizza Lovers to Deliver Right Now

pizza hoodie
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Pizza. The word itself evokes hunger and happy memories. As one of the best comfort foods, who can resist its cheesy, gooey goodness? Pizza lovers and friends of pizza lovers, this is the gift guide you’ve been waiting for. Here are 10 tantalizing gifts for pizza loving pals that will deliver smiles and satisfaction.

1. Cheese Pizza Flavor Lip Balm

Even when you’re not enjoying a slice of pizza, you can still savor its cheesy goodness thanks to this one-of-a-kind cheese pizza flavor lip balm. Made with all natural ingredients, this lip balm will leave lips soft with a cheesy after taste.

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2. Antique Gold Color Pizza Slice Friendship Necklace

Share this gorgeous antique gold-tone pizza slice friendship necklace with a bestie who loves pizza just as much as you do. Comes in a set of two for easy dividing.

MJartoria Antique Gold Color Pizza Slice Friendship Necklace Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Pizza Slice Pet Costume

Whether at home, at a Halloween costume party or for the heck of it, give your pup or kitty an adorable pizza makeover with this plush pizza slice pet costume. It comes in small to x-large to fit your furry friends of all sizes.

Pizza Slice Pet Costume Rubie's Costume Company Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Dreaming of Pizza Pillow Case

Just because you got to catch some zzz’s doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about pizza. You’ll dream delicious dreams thanks to this “Dreaming of Pizza” pillow case. Position your head under the “thought bubble” for a great Insta-worthy pic, too.

Dreaming of Pizza Pillow Case Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Gigantic Pizza Beach Blanket

Give your pizza-loving friend this giant pizza pie towel so they can dry off before their mid-afternoon slice or two.

Gigantic Pizza Beach Blanket Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Pepperoni Pizza Umbrella

Protect yourself from the elements and look absolutely yummy doing it with this mouth-watering pepperoni pizza umbrella. Made from a durable polyester and aluminum, heat sublimation technology also helps to prevent discoloring.

Pepperoni Pizza Umbrella Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Pizza Cushion In Pizza Box

One hot and fresh pizza coming right up! Well, not really… Give hungry friends and family a humorous treat when they open up this box of pizza only to reveal a soft and huggable pizza cushion inside. Great for dorm room decor, too, or as a pet bed (provided your pet doesn’t start chewing away).

Pizza Cushion in Pizza Box Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Pizza Print Space Hoodie

Sport a stylish look that will boast compliments (and hunger) with this hyper-realistic Pizza Print Space Hoodie. Rock the look, whether you’re the class cheese-ball, looking to stand out from the pack, or searching for an easy costume idea.

Pizza Print Space Hoodie Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Pizza Backpack

Head back to school with a bold and delicious statement bag. This pizza backpack is guaranteed to garner admirers from students and faculty alike. At 19 inches tall, it’ll hold your laptop and notebooks with ease.

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10. Fast Food Fitted Sheet

Boasting fun craftsmanship and made in the USA, this unique and playful fast food fitted sheet features an all-over print of your favorite fast food splurges, including pizzas, burgers, beers, fries, ice cream and sodas, to name a few. Sweet (and savory?) dreams!

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