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Singles Awareness Day: 6 Things to Help You Celebrate

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* Singles Awareness Day celebrates love in all forms – especially love for yourself
* Celebrate/commiserate with your other single friends on this S.A.D.
* Singles Awareness Day is February 15th

If you’re single, Valentine’s Day is the worst. Could there be a more in-your-face way to remind you that you don’t have a special someone? No one will be buying you a special dinner or surprise gift on February 14th.

But don’t fret, there’s a day for you, too! Singles Awareness Day, or S.A.D. for short, is February 15th. This up-and-coming holiday celebrates all love, especially that which you have for yourself. It’s the ideal time to show all the couples around you that being single isn’t all that bad. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get together and celebrate with friends.

Whether you prefer to celebrate or commiserate, make this S.A.D. one of the best ever by gifting yourself or one of your fellow singles a thoughtful present. These items will remind you of the good things that come without a second in your life.

1. “Why Fall in Love When You Can Fall Asleep?” Coffee Mug

During this tough time of year, this poignant mug serves to remind that falling in love may sound fun, but it may be less trouble to just go to sleep instead. The large wrap-around design ensures the message is easy to read for you and any people nearby. Plus, the mug is available in either an 11 or 15-ounce size.

anti valentine’s day best products singles awareness day society6 coffee mug Image courtesy of Society6


2. BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

This BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass is for those times when you don’t have anyone to share your wine with (or simply don’t want to), but drinking straight out of the bottle just doesn’t feel right. The sizable glass is capable of holding an entire 750ml bottle of wine, which means you’ll only ever have to refill between bottles. It’s also available with a range of witty sayings on the side, including “I only have time for one glass of wine,” or “Finally! A wine glass that fits my needs.”

anti valentine’s day wine bottle glass Image courtesy of Amazon


3. BubbSnugg Love Fades Pizza is Forever Tee

This fun piece of clothing provides another important reminder for everyone, that whether you’re couple bound or hopelessly single, pizza always comes first. While your love for another person may fade over time, love for pizza is forever. These important words are accompanied by a delicious slice of pizza surrounded by hearts. 

[caption id="attachment_103267" align="aligncenter" width="435"]anti valentine’s day best products singles awareness day love fades pizza is forever tshirt Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


4. CusCus Anti-Valentine’s Day Heart Piñata

For those who feel the need to rid themselves of the anger caused by Valentine’s Day, there is no better gift than this CusCus piñata. Designed in the shape of a giant red heart, the paper mache creation features an anti “Happy Valentine’s Day” sticker, allowing you to beat the crap out of the so-called “hallmark holiday.” Whether you choose to do it by yourself or invite a group of fellow singles over to help out, this is a very cathartic and fun activity for S.A.D.

anti valentine’s day best products singles awareness day pinata heart Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Ban.Do “I Am Very Busy” Silicone iPhone Case

“What’s that? Why am I single?” If this conversation is all too familiar, then this Ban.do iPhone case has your back. With a large “I Am Very Busy” message across the back, you’ll never have to give overly inquisitive people an excuse again.They’ll get the message loud and clear that you don’t have time for a lover, let alone a relationship

anti valentine’s day best products singles awareness day i am busy ban.do phone case Image courtesy of ban.do


6. UO Exclusive Broken Heart Embroidered Hoodie Sweatshirt

This UO Hoodie gives you a simple and easy way to let everyone know the internal status of your heart without having to answer any annoying questions. The cozy sweatshirt is made from cotton and polyester and is adorned with a single, embroidered broken heart over the left breast area, making it painfully clear to any onlookers exactly where your heart is. This hoody also is designed with a front kanga pocket for keeping your hands warm on those lonely walks home.

anti valentine’s day best products singles awareness day urban outfitters broken heart hoodie sweatshirt Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


7. AOOS Neon Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign

Keep your confidence sky high with an LED neon sign. The bright pink saying serves as a friendly reminder every time you enter the room. Featuring the greeting “Hello Gorgeous,” you’ll enjoy that little buzz of flattery each time you read it. It will also help to distract you from any turmoils occurring in your single-life existence. 

anti valentine’s day best products singles awareness day hello gorgeous neon sign Image courtesy of Amazon