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The 10 Best Gifts For Football Fans

best football gifts
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* Gifts every NFL fan will love
* Unique football gifts, from NFL cufflinks, to man cave beer kegs
* Ideal for the gracious Super Bowl party host

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get ready for the festivities. Whether you’re looking for something special to bring your gracious Super Bowl party host, or you just want to treat your football-lover friend, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 perfect gifts for every kind of football fan.

1. Tipsy Tubes Hidden Flask (3-Pack)

Having a drink (or a few) at the football game is great. Emptying your bank account is not. Thankfully there are other solutions for the creative drinker, like these flasks disguised as sunscreen. It’s a fun gift that your football friend (and his bank account) will thank you for.

Hidden Flask Sunscreen Bottle Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Aminco NFL Logo Cufflinks

Another easy gift for football fans is this set of officially licensed NFL cufflinks. They have a classic look with the team logo of choice in the middle, allowing die-hard fans to rep their favorite team even when they’re all dressed up.

Sports Jewelry NFL Cufflinks Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Flicksportsgames Flick Football

This flick football game is ideal for the (rare) fan who actually stops watching during commercial breaks, but also for the party goers who only watch the commercials and take breaks during the game. It costs less than $20, and requires zero football knowledge or skills to enjoy.

Flick Football Game Image courtesy of Amazon


4. The Football Fanbook

Buying a gift for a young football fan? Try “The Football Fanbook.” It features all the football lingo, trivia, stats, and skills needed to be an expert on the game.

Football Fanbook Guide Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Sportula NFL Stainless Steel Coasters

These stainless steel NFL coasters make a great gift because they’re actually a handsome piece of decor, which can’t be said for most sports-themed art. They’re made with a cork backing and premium laser cut stainless steel, giving them a high-end look that can upgrade any man cave or bar area.

NFL Football Coasters Image courtesy of Amazon


6. DisplayGifts Mirrored Football Display Case

Most football fans have a prized pigskin with some sentimental value or a signature from their favorite player. However, many of them don’t take the time to go out and buy a nice display case for showing off and protecting their treasure, which makes this a great gift idea.

Football Display Case Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Madden NFL 18

If your football fan giftee is also a gamer, then the newest edition of Madden NFL is a no-brainer. The latest and greatest installment of the popular video game features an incredible new game engine for smooth, addictive gameplay and crip graphics.

Madden NFL 18 Image courtesy of Amazon


8. WinCraft NFL Snack Helmet

Snacks and the Super Bowl are a match made in heaven. To make sure everything at your party is on-theme, give your host this NFL snack helmet.

Football Helmet Snack Bowl Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Friday Night Lights Box Set

Friday Night Lights is every football fan’s favorite TV show. Gift them the complete box set so they can watch every episode again (and again).

Friday Night Lights DVD Image courtesy of Amazon


10. GrowlerWerks uKeg

GrowlerWerks’ uKeg has blown-up recently as a man cave and tailgate must-have. It keeps your favorite beer cold and carbonated for up to 2 weeks, and looks great wherever you put it. Needless to say, any football fan would be thrilled to get it as a gift.

Beer Keg GrowlerWerks Image courtesy of Amazon