Weekend Debrief: The Top 5 Beauty Posts Of The Week

Wrinkles sleeping
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* Avoid wrinkles while you sleep (it’s a thing)
* Shop Amazon best-sellers for skin care and beauty
* Read our review of the PMD Personal Microderm Device

The weekend is made for self-care. And whether you’re looking for a new skin care routine, or itching to try out the Korean beauty trend, here are five of our most popular beauty stories this week to get you started.

1. How to Avoid Getting Wrinkles While You Sleep

Sleeping is the one thing we do for at least 1/3 of our life. Unfortunately, while sleep is essential for staying healthy, it can cause wrinkles – especially on the face, neck and chest. Some say sleeping on your back is recommended if you want to prevent wrinkling, though there are several other ways to help you avoid crinkling skin and delay the onset of wrinkles. It’s time to reclaim that beauty rest.

Wrinkles sleeping Image courtesy of Shutterstock

How to Avoid Wrinkles While You Sleep


2. These Are The Best-Selling Skin Care Products on Amazon

Skin care fads come and go, but Amazon’s customer reviews live on. A well- and much-reviewed product can skyrocket sales, something especially true for the site’s beauty and skincare offerings. But these first-person narratives do more than just boost brands – think of them as crowd-sourced tell-alls for what’s best and what works when the choices are endless.

So, without further ado, we bring you the 10 best-selling skincare products on Amazon from last year that you should add to your collection this year.

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The Best-Selling Skin Care Products on Amazon


3. The 8 Best-Selling Anti-Aging Products on Amazon

It’s never too early or too late to incorporate anti-aging treatments into your current skincare routine. Whether you’re concerned with fine lines, dullness, texture, or sagging, there’s a product to address your skincare needs. We looked at Amazon’s best-selling anti-aging products that have received glowing reviews from actual customers. Here’s what the people have picked.

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The Best-Selling Anti-Aging Products on Amazon


4. Seoul Manes: 6 Best Korean Hair Care Products

While K-Beauty in American may be synonymous with skin care and makeup, hair care from this nation of meticulous grooming has finally started gaining traction in the West – and for good reason. At the core of K-beauty is that famously detailed, multi-step cleansing and moisturizing routines for skin, an approach that’s spilled over into hair care. Sheet masks, mists, and packs for hair are all a logical extension of the coveted K-beauty skin care innovations, and as expected, they work.

Here, get on the road to a silky, shiny mane with our round up of the 6 best Korean hair products you need to try now.

best korean beauty products Photo by Cultura/REX/Shutterstock

The Best Korean Hair Care Products


5. Lived-In Review: The PMD Personal Microderm Device

Microdermabrasion has – until now – been an in-office skin care treatment that you’d have to go to a professional to have done. PMD’s Personal Microderm instrument is one of the first devices on the market to allow for this treatment to be performed at home. The benefits of the minimally-invasive procedure include improving fine lines, softening texture, fading sunspots and scars, and reducing the look of enlarged pores. But does it work? Here’s what happened when we tried it.

pmd beauty personal microderm Image courtesy of PMD Beauty

Lived-In Review: PMD Personal Microderm Device