About Face: The 7 Best Facial Massagers for Younger-Looking Skin

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* Keep your skin supple, lifted and smooth
* Increase efficacy of other skincare products
* Improve your skin’s texture and elasticity

If you’ve dropped a lot of money on skin-renewing treatments at the dermatologist’s office and want to maintain the effects, or if that’s a whole matter you’d rather sidestep, investing in a facial massager is an easy–and quick–solution.

From manual rollers to electric versions delivering sonic vibrations, just a minute or two with one of these tools can yield some incredible results, helping your skin stay supple, lifted and smooth–while also improving the efficacy of your favorite skin care products by working them deeper into the skin. Plus it just feels good.

12 months
Thanks for the info. I hope that now I can share with the choice of a massager.

12 months
Thanks for the info. I hope that now I can share with the choice of a massager.

So where to start? Take a look at this line up below to find the seven best facial massagers for younger looking skin.


1. Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse Massager

Using a gentle pulse and anti-microbial technology, this 24K gold-plated tool has a t-bar shape that can be used to hit all the small cervices of your face, like the chin, nose, and eye orbitals. Powered by a single AAA battery, its ultra-lightweight design also makes it an easy-to-pack tool for travelling.

24K Facial MassagerImage Courtesy of Amazon


2. JuFit Face and Body Massager

The faceted globes and v-shape allow this massager to cover a lot of area at once. It’s great for your cheeks, forehead and neck–places that usually need a bit of TLC. Use just the left or right sides for a soothing eye-area massage, great to work out under-eye circles and puffiness.

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3. Clear Life Premium Anti-Aging Jade Roller

Made of hand-cut New Zealand jade, this roller will lift and firm your skin at the first use. Not only does it reduce puffiness and tension, but it also soothes and relaxes your face.

Clear Life Premium Anti Aging Jade RollerImage courtesy of Amazon


4. TouchBeauty Sonic Massager

The flat surface and electronic vibrations make this an ideal massager if you plan to use yours with a face cream or serum. Positive ions are also employed to help your skin stay elastic, supple and smooth.

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5. Swiss-Ultimate Labs Sonic Ionic Infusion Massager

This slender massaging wand is worth an individual purchase, or as a companion to a manual or ionic massager with a larger surface area. The small head is well-suited for targeting small areas like the brow, creases in the cheeks and the under-eye area.

Swiss-Ultimate Sonic Slim Facial MassagerImage Courtesy of Amazon


6. Natural Jade Rolling Massager

This simple, ultra-smooth jade roller comes with instructions on the age-old practice of balancing chi, or life force energy, resulting in a refreshed, younger look with regular use. The tool comes double-ended with a larger roller for areas like the neck and cheeks, and a smaller roller for the eyes, chin and nose.

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7. Ultrasonic Hot/Cold Massager

This sonic massager allows you to customize your facial treatments with two temperature settings: warm and cold. Use the cold when de-puffing is needed; switch it to warm to help your favorite facial cream absorb.

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