SPY Guide: How to Avoid Deodorant Marks on Clothes

deodorant stain solutions
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* 4 easy products to rid your clothes of unsightly deodorant marks
* Choose from pantyhose, sponges or a tough-acting stain remover
* Includes items to keep in your purse for any out-of-the-house emergencies

If, like most people, you wear deodorant or antiperspirant, you have almost certainly come across the problem of unsightly white marks on your clothing.

Washing with water or simply rubbing the material together can work to some extent, but what if you have a particularly delicate dress or a giant white patch has made itself at home under your arm?

This list is comprised of 4 helpful products that will clear up any stains and marks in no time. These items can even work in an emergency situation when don’t notice the stain until you’ve left the house. Forget throwing your deodorant-stained clothes away, and give your favorites a new lease of life with one of these effective stain removing tools.

1. L’eggs Women’s Sheer Pantyhose

Pantyhose is ideal for getting rid of deodorant stains, including those found on particularly delicate fabrics like silk or cashmere. Just use the pantyhose to rub tiny circles on the stain, and wash the stained item normally. If you happen to have an old pair of pantyhose lying around the house, they will do the job just fine. 

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2. Hollywood Fashion Secrets Deodorant Removing Sponge

These built-for-purpose sponges are made to get those horrible white deodorant residue marks out of your clothes in seconds. Whether you’re heading out to an event in a fancy black dress or trying to clear marks from your gym tees, this portable sponge will help restore your clothes, no matter the material. It’s also reusable and conveniently sized for keeping in your purse or car.

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3. Skid Out: Deodorant, Drip & Drool Eraser Sponges

These handy sponges are great at removing a number of blemishes from your clothing. Not only will they help remove deodorant marks, they can also get rid of toothpaste stains, makeup smears and pesky pet hair. Their handy size means they are great for carrying with you for any on-site recoveries needed. For the majority of marks, you’ll simply need to rub the sponges over the material, but for the slightly tougher stains, the sponge may need to be dampened.

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4. Deo-Go Deodorant & Antiperspirant Stain Remover

Deo-Go stain remover helps to restore your stained clothes so they look as good as new. Whether you have a long time deodorant build up or even a set-in yellow pit stain, this tough acting liquid will remove the unsightly mark and any associated odor. Simply apply the spray to your garments, and let the liquid gel do its work before throwing the clothing into the washing machine.

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