SPY Guide: 5 Best Vintage-Inspired Leather Wallets Under $50

* Cool retro styles with functional designs
* Enhanced RFID security
* Fine leather craftsmanship

What does your wallet say about you? Well, if you pull out one of these vintage-inspired wallets everyone who sees it will know you’re a man of style and refined taste. Take a look at some of our top favorites under $50.

1. Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Wallet

The Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet is thin on size but not on style. It’s made from 100% top grained genuine leather, holds all your essentials, and is tested and approved to block RFID signals aiming to steal your personal information.

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2. BISON DENIM RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet

The Bison Denim RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet is a front pocket wallet made of hand crafted retro leather. It looks cool and casual, feels light weight, and slides into pockets with ease.

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3. Lareinae Men Genuine Leather Cowhide Zip Wallet

The Lareinae Men’s Genuine Leather Cowhide Zip Wallet is crafted from oil wax leather for a broken-in vintage look. Plus, it gives you that extra bit of zip-up security so you never have to worry about losing your cards and cash.

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4. HRS RFID Blocking Vintage Inspired Leather Wallet

Enhance your personal security with the HRS RFID Blocking Vintage Inspired Leather Wallet. It blocks crooks’ scanners so they can’t swipe your vital info. And, it has a masculine look to match its durable design.

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5. Daviscase Genuine Leather Wallet

The Daviscase Genuine Leather Wallet offers a serious dose of 1960s cool. It’s designed with a refined style, composed of luxe Italian leather and has compartments throughout to keep you organized.

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