Get a Grip: The 5 Best Cleats For Running Outdoors This Winter

best snow cleats
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* Solid sets of cleats to keep you stable and secure through the icy and snowy weather
* These clever designs can be fitted to your current running shoes
* Great for other outdoor activities, too, including ice fishing and hiking

Winter is decidedly here. The surrounding sidewalks and trails have become covered with an ever-present layer of ice and snow mix that makes walking and running difficult, if not dangerous. It may feel like your daily run has to be put on hold for the season. At the very least, you’ve probably moved inside to the treadmill.

However, with a set of these cleats, it’s possible to turn your everyday running shoes into winter-ready running footwear that provides traction in even the iciest of conditions. Not only does this allow you to continue on your running schedule, it allows you to enjoy the fresh air, the gorgeous winter scenes and the limited daylight available in winter. You should also consider getting a pair of cleats for those slippery mornings when you’re shoveling the driveway — better safe than sorry.

Whether you’re running on a thin layer or heading out into a blizzard, there’s a size and style for your feet that will keep you running.

1. WAYPOR Ice Grips

With 10 individual steel studs, the WAYPOR Ice Grips are great for winter sports. No matter if you’re walking on grass or snow, these easy-fit cleats will keep you steady in icy conditions. The eco-friendly rubber design simply stretches over your existing shoes and can be easily folded to fit into your pocket when they aren’t needed.

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2. Uelfbaby Crampon Micro Spikes

These Uelfbaby Micro Spikes are ideal for giving you traction on snow or ice. The rugged design features rubber (for a tight and comfortable fit) attached to steel chains and cleats that ensure sufficient bite into slippery conditions. The stretchable rubber allows you to pull the cleats on when you need them but easily take them off when you don’t.

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3. Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats

The Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats provide 360 degrees of traction to give you confidence in your movements throughout winter. With a durable rubber frame, these over-the-foot cleats are surrounded by 1.4mm stainless steel coils and have been tested to conditions as low as -41 degrees. On top, you’ll find an adjustable strap to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

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4. Yaktrax Run Traction Cleats Large

Another Yaktrax product, these cleats have been specifically designed to aid runners in cold and icy conditions. Using a combination of 3mm carbide-steel spikes and 1.4mm stainless steel coils, this built-for-purpose footwear will keep you running in the coldest of days. The cleats also feature a rubber foot frame that is easy to fit, along with an over-the-foot strap to ensure these cleats stay firmly in place while you’re running.

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5. Kahtoola MICROspikes Footwear Traction

Featuring an award-winning design, the Kahtoola Microspikes Footwear is great for all kinds of outside winter activities. Whether you hike, ice fish or run, these durable and rugged cleats provide plenty of traction with the twelve ⅜-inch stainless steel spikes on each foot. With their foldable design, you can easily slip them in your pocket or purse for when they’re needed, then simplu pull them over your existing footwear as you head outside to enjoy unbeatable traction.

ice shoes best cleats outdoor running winter kahtoola microspikes traction Image courtesy of Amazon