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From Pool Parties to the Drive Thru, This Waterproof Car Seat Cushion Has You Covered

This Waterproof Car Seat Cover Protects
Image courtesy Amazon
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* Easy to install and fits almost all car models
* Waterproof, yet comfortable neoprene material
* Comes off in seconds and rolls up neatly

If you have dogs and cats to transport (or even young kids), this waterproof car seat cover from Infina makes one of the easiest and most effective ways to preserve your car’s upholstery. They stretch to fit nearly all front seats and are designed to contour seamlessly to the shape of the seat, letting you preserve the snug side bolstering of adjustable sport seats and the comfort of broad luxury car seat cushions as well.

Image courtesy Amazon

Thanks to the waterproof material’s inherent stretchiness, these seat covers won’t wrinkle or bunch up. The Infina waterproof seat covers can be thrown over your car’s seats in seconds and require no finkcky buckles or straps to attach.

When not in use, the seat cover can be rolled up like a sleeping bag and stores in an incredibly compact package. Convenient to put on and take off, these seat covers let you go from kennel duty to date night and preserve the new car smell and feel.

Also great for classic cars, the Infina waterproof car seat cover is a great way to preserve old leather and prevent cracks and tears from forming. Leave them on when you park in the sun and they can help prevent the dreaded UV cracking which affects vinyl, leatherette and leather seats. Plus, the neoprene seat covers are far easier to clean than car seats themselves, making them a virtual must have if your car pool includes drive-thrus.