This Laundry Machine Will Wash & Dry Your Clothes At The Same Time

Laundry Made Easy With The Mini
Image Courtesy of Super Deal
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* Laundry can be a hassle and a time takeover
* This Mini Twin Tub washes and dries clothes simultaneously
* It’s lightweight and easily portable

Laundry: everyone’s least favorite part of adulting, except for maybe paying rent. Whether you put laundry day off until you’re on your last pair of underwear, or forget to take clothes out of the dryer or washer, this simple chore often gets more complicated than it should. Enter the Mini Twin Tub washing machine, which is able to both wash and dry loads at the same time. Move clothes straight from the washer to the spinner, or run both simultaneously to save even more time. The 1300RPM powerful motor means that the washer only has to run for fifteen minutes per load, while the spin cycle gets clothes dry in as little as five minutes.

Image Courtesy of Super Deal

The two compartments feature a washer on one side and dryer on the other. The washer is slightly bigger and fits up to 8 pounds of clothing; the spin cycle will hold up to 5 pounds.

This machine is also lightweight and easily transportable, which means you can move it without a hassle, and squeeze it into a cupboard or bathroom if you’re low on space. There’s a built in drainage tube, so you can quickly remove the dirty water and be ready for the next load. Its body is made of plastic, so you know it will be protected from rust, and its low energy usage also save the environment (and your power bill).

Great for small apartments, a beach house or cottage, or even a college dorm room, the mini washing machine is an affordable and easy way to get your laundry done, without taking up a lot of space or time. This product has a 4.7 star rating from users on Amazon, who call it everything from “the coolest washer ever” to “one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.”

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