SPY Guide: 7 Slim Phone Sleeves for Stealth Storage

stick on phone wallet
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* Turn your phone case into a wallet by adding one of these flexible sleeves
* Sleeves can carry 2 to 6 cards as well as cash
* From lycra to leather, there’s a phone sleeve to blend with your existing case

As cell phones continue to get bigger, so does the amount we have to carry in our pockets or purses. Between your phone and your wallet, it can feel like you’re constantly weighed down. That’s why phone sleeves will be the next big thing. The nifty add-ons allow you to stick a card and/or money pocket onto the back of your phone case, turning any smartphone into a small wallet and eliminating the need to travel with constantly full pockets.

These seven slim phone sleeves are easy to use, provide ample money storage and will blend with any phone case design.

1. VAULT Protective Grip Cover

With a 4.4/5 star rating and reviews from over 3,100 happy customers, this stealth wallet case will not only protect your valuables, but it will also protect your phone. Designed with an ultra-light and thin material, you can count on this durable phone case to offer the protection your phone deserves.

VAULT Protective Credit Card Grip Cover Image Courtesy Amazon


2. Case Art Plus Stick On Wallet – BEST VALUE

Similar to the LANMU option, the Case Art Plus Stick On Wallet takes the task one step further by providing a top cover on the pocket in order to add an extra level of security. Furthermore, the spandex material won’t lose its elasticity over time, giving you a product that will hold up to repeated use.

phone wallet card holder adhesive sleeves elastic Image courtesy of Amazon


3. NFL Wallet Sleeve

Football season is almost here. Why not celebrate by representing your favorite team? This cell phone sleeve attaches to the back of your phone and can hold two credit cards and cash. It’s available for all 30 NFL teams.

phone wallet card holder adhesive sleeve nfl Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Wallaroo Stick-On Leather Card Holder – EDITOR’S CHOICE

Crafted from genuine leather and compatible with both iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia and more, the Wallaroo Stick-On Leather Card Holder is built to last. Strong 3M adhesive keeps it firmly attached to your phone, and the non-sleip interior grip keeps your cards safe.

Wallaroo Stick-On Leather Card Holder Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Case Art Plus Leather Card Sleeve

This leather sleeve reminds you of a traditional leather wallet without the need to actually carry one. This particular pocket is compatible with most smartphones and can hold three cards along with a small amount of cash. It’s the most sophisticated option on the list.

phone wallet card holder adhesive sleeve leather Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Ringke Slot Card Holder

The Ringke Slot Card Holder design has three benefits. First, it’s built from high quality hard PC for convenient carry and extra security. Second, the card slot design offers quick access to your two main cards. And third, its extra thin structure means you’ll barely notice this pocket is attached to your phone. The cut out at the bottom allows you to push out the cards for easy access.

phone wallet card holder adhesive sleeve card slot Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Gecko Adhesive Phone Wallet – BEST REVIEWED

Go total stealth mode with the Gecko Adhesive Phone Wallet. This sleeve is unique because of its extra tall pocket for complete coverage and the included RFID card sleeve, which works to protect you from identity theft.

phone wallet card holder adhesive sleeve RFID elastic Image courtesy of Amazon

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