These Durable Phone Cases Double As Wallets

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Have you ever played the very stressful mental game with yourself, ‘Which would you rather lose – your phone or your wallet?’ Whether you’re replacing cards or phone contacts, the thought of losing either item is enough to give us the sweats. There aren’t many times where we find ourselves leaving the house without both our wallet and cell phones, so having a cell phone case that doubles as a wallet just makes sense. Plus, now you only have one important item to not lose instead of two. Let the sweats subside.

Whether you only have a few cards to carry or multiple membership cards to keep with you, these durable phone case wallets will keep your most important items safe, all while letting your protect your phone from unexpected drops and fumbles.


1. ZVEdeng iPhone 7 Plus Case With Wrist Strap and Chain

The downside of most phone wallets is that there isn’t much room for cards. That’s not the case (pun!) with the ZVEdeng iPhone 7 Plus Case. With room for 10 cards and cash, the PU leather case is durable, shockproof, and has a wrist and cross-body attachment if you want to go from phone case to wallet to purse. The case can also be flipped open to double as a stand, perfect for FaceTime or streaming videos.

ZVEdeng iPhone 7 Plus Case with Wrist Strap and Chain

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2. Buruis iPhone Slim Card Case

The Buruis iPhone Slim Card Case is a solid option for someone looking for a case that is durable, slim, and has room for one card (maybe two). The shockproof case provides full frame protection that will protect the screen against drops, offering an alternative to someone looking for a bulky wallet case.

Buruis iPhone Slim Card Case

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3. Aiwe Wallet Case for iPhones

The Aiwe Wallet Case is a great replacement for a traditional wallet. Available in seven colors, the Aiwe Wallet Case has 12 card slots, plus room for cash. Made with non-toxic, genuine leather, the case has a magnetic closure to keep your cards and phone safe. The case can also be folded to double as a stand for your phone.

Aiwe Wallet Case for iPhone

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Made from synthetic leather, the NEXTKIN Case is an affordable and practical wallet case that has ample room for cards, cash, I.D. and your phone. The case provides phone drop protection and the phone, including the camera, can still be used while in the case.


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5. SAMONPOW Case for iPhone

The durable SAMONPOW Case for iPhone has a hard PC defender cover and impact-resistant shockproof soft rubber bumper that will protect your phone from drops. The discreet sliding card slot fits two cards, great for carrying your ID and credit card without looking like it. The case is available in seven colors and customers like that the rubber bumpers stop the phone from sliding.

SAMONPOW Case for iPhone

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