Everyone Uses PopSockets, But We Like These Alternatives Instead

best phone grips popsocket alternatives
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* PopSockets are popular but quite bulky and expensive
* These phone holders allow you to easily grip your phone but have a low profile
* From loops to rings, get one of these to keep your phone safe and in your hands

It’s 2019, and we’re all seemingly attached to our smartphones 24/7. There’s not much your phone can’t do, so having it around all the time makes total sense. However, with the growing size of the phones, it has become increasingly difficult to use them with just one hand. Any time you want to take a selfie or simply reach across to the opposite corner of your phone, you risk a catastrophic drop.

For that reason, phone holders have been invented. These phone accessories attach to the back of the phone or to your phone case and give you an extra loop in which to place your fingers. The most popular of these are PopSockets, which pop up and have fancy designs. But we actually prefer these alternatives instead. They aren’t as expensive, and they have a fairly low profile. Get one for you phone and make using it much more convenient. You won’t believe you went so long without one!

1. Kwmobile Universal Magnetic Finger Holder

Classy and affordable, the Kwmobile Universal Magnetic Finger Holder will keep your phone safe from accidental drops. With a loop for your finger, the holder attaches to your phone using a powerful magnet. It also includes a kickstand for propping your phone up on any flat surface. This finger holder is available in five metallic colors.

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2. Finger Ring Stand Holder

On our list of the best phone holders, the Finger Ring Stand Holder probably comes the closest to a PopSocket but at a fraction of the price. This pack comes with 4 ring stand holders that can help you take selfies and even act as a kickstand for your phone or tablet. The rings also rotate 360 degrees, meaning they provide a grip for your phone no matter the position of your hand.

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3. DUZY Silicone Finger Phone Holder

The DUZY Silicone Finger Phone Holder keeps your phone safe and holdable using nothing more than air compression. The brilliance of this phone holder is that there is nothing sticky holding it on, so there won’t be any sticky residue left on your phone or phone case. In addition, it can stick to anything, including your car dashboard or desk. It’s made from 100% non-toxic materials and comes in three different colors.

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4. Love Handle Universal Grip For Cell Phone

You love your cell phone, so why not give it a Love Handle? The stretchy handle keeps you from dropping (and potentially breaking) your phone or tablet by giving you an extra place to hang on to. It uses a no-residue removable 3M adhesive, so if you ever want to remove it from your phone or phone case, you don’t have to worry about damaging your device. It is important to note, however, that this handle won’t grip onto silicone cases or the Pixel 3, iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 Black. On these phones, a different adhesive must be purchased separately.

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5. Phone Loops Grip Accessory

It’s cute and fashionable, but the best part of this Phone Loops Grip Accessory is that it lies flat, therefore adding no extra bulkiness to your phone. In addition, these grips don’t inhibit any type of charging, including wireless chargers. And the loops are made from non-elastic polyester fabric that will probably outlast most other phone grips. Finally, the 3M Innovation adhesive never leaves residue behind on your beautiful device.

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