This $15 Device Is Perfect For People Who Hate Putting On Their Own Contacts

how to put on contact lenses
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* Makes insertion and removal of contact lenses simple
* No more lens drops or eye pokes
* Protects your contacts too

We all love the aesthetic benefits of wearing contacts. They’re discreet and don’t hide your face. But, putting them in is a pain. You have to balance them on the tip of your finger, they’re easy to drop, and then impossible to find. But with the OptiWand, you can insert and remove soft contact lenses easier than ever before.

In short, it’s designed specifically to hold your contact lens in place until it’s properly set on your cornea. No fingers, no fussing. Once OptiWand gets the lens close enough to your eye, the lens connects. Then, just give OptiWand a slight twist and squeeze to release the lens. It really couldn’t be easier.

optiwand review how to put in contact lenses Image courtesy of Amazon

When you’re ready to remove your lenses, you just reverse the process. OptiWand isn’t a suction cup, but it does naturally connect to the lens to get them out quick without squeezing and sliding around. Then, just drop the lenses into the safety of their case until you’re ready to wear them again. In, out, effortless. Stressing and struggling to control your lenses are a thing of the past.

To be clear, this is for soft lenses only. Do note that because it’s not a full closed cup, it won’t remove hard or sclera lenses.

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