Buzz Cut Blades: The 5 Best Head Shaving Razors For At-Home Trims

Best Hair Clippers: Best Head Shaver
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* Hair clippers for touch-ups and buzz cuts
* Great for styling thick hair and unruly sideburns
* Simple trimmers to professional clipper sets

Even if you don’t rock a (very trendy) buzz cut, we still recommend having a home haircut kit for touch-ups and trims. Slightly long sideburn or an unruly rats-tail don’t require a whole trip to the barber. Below are some of our favorite home haircut tools that every guy should own.

1. Tinkle Hair Cutter

If you have thick or unruly hair, this simple Tinkle cutter is a great tool to have at the ready. It shapes and trims without taking off too much at once, and only costs $4.

Hair Trimmer Thinner Tinkle Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Wahl Complete Hair Cutting Kit

This best-selling kit from Wahl has over 12,400 reviews for a reason. It’s reliable, efficient, and features helpful color coordination to remember the length of each guard.

Wahl Clipper Set Color Guards Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Hair Thinning Razor

Another tool for guys with thick hair is this hair thinning razor. It trims or texturizes your mop, making it easier to style.

Hair Texturizer Tool Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro

If you’re a die-hard buzz-cut man (pun intended), go for a slightly more professional hair trimmer. This Wahl clipper set is more high-quality than their best-seller, and you’ll notice the difference with a smoother trim and a more solid feel.

Professional Buzz Cutter Wahl Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip

Cordless makes a big difference (if you’re willing to spend a little extra). This professional cutter (also from Wahl) doesn’t require an outlet, which is extremely convenient for styling hair or doing a quick, clean buzz cut.

Barber Hair Clipper Set Cordless Image courtesy of Amazon


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