These Vitamins Promise To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

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Hair loss can happen for a variety of reasons: genetics, over-styling, menopause, stress, thyroid issues, skin conditions, immune system problems and more, can all lead to hair loss in men and women. Losing one’s hair can take an emotional toll, and while there are many shampoos on the market that boast hair growth benefits, the root of the cause is often found inside the body where a topical fix can’t reach.

Hair loss vitamins are another way to encourage hair growth, and these easy-to-take supplements can have positive effects for those who find the right vitamin for their symptoms. From pills to gummies, here are vitamins that may help you get your hair back.


1. Vie Naturelle Hair Vitamins

Using natural ingredients, Vie Naturelle Hair Vitamins promote hair growth in men and women, while also making nails stronger and skin look and feel healthier. Using biotin, as well as essential vitamins and amino acids, hair growth is stimulated in the body. Many users reported seeing results in less than one month.

Vie Naturelle Hair Vitamins

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2. Hair Gummy Vitamins For Healthy Hair Growth

Made with folic acid, as well as Vitamins A, C, D, E and B6, Hair Gummy Vitamins For Healthy Hair Growth markets themselves as an alternative to big-name hair growth vitamins, boasting the same results at half the price. Customers who ate the gummies twice per day as recommended saw results within a month, with many finding that the gummies were able to deliver results that shampoos and hair masks could not.

Hair Gummy Vitamins For Healthy Hair Growth

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3. Hairtonica Pro Hair Formula Vitamins

By hydrating the scalp and fighting inflammation, which can lead to hair loss, Hairtonica promotes healthy hair growth thanks to its Biotin and B-Vitamins ingredients. Dandruff and dry hair can lead to hair loss, with Hairtonica helping to moisturize both the scalp and hair. Customers with brittle hair found that hair breakage was lessened after using Hairtonica.

Hairtonica Hair Vitamins

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4. Good Hair Don’t Care Vitamins

We’ll admit, we have a soft spot for a clever name. But¬†Good Hair Don’t Care Vitamins aren’t just fun to say. Keeping their ingredients short and sweet, including folic acid, biotin, and antioxidants,¬†Good Hair Don’t Care Vitamins are non-GMO and gluten-free, using only products that promote healthy, hydrated hair growth. Customers found their hair not only grew faster, but also came in thicker. And that’s hair to talk about.

Good Hair Don't Care Vitamins

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