Lived-In Review: The Enso Infinite Art by Buddha Board

meditation tools review enso infinite art
Image courtesy of Buddha Board
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* Calligraphy and drawing have been used as meditative practice for centuries
* The Enso Infinite Art is a painting surface for creating temporary art
* Paint using water then watch your artwork disappear as the water evaporates

For thousands of years, people around the world have used calligraphy as a form of relaxation, stress relief and self care. Often called a Zen practice, calligraphy represents a merger between art and language, which some believe enhances worship and meditation.

In fact, cultures from around the world have used calligraphy to copy sacred texts as a spiritual practice. In the Middle Ages, monks copied the Bible in calligraphy, and Muslims are famous for their Islamic calligraphy, which decorates everything from important religious texts to the walls of mosques. Buddhist monks still copy Chinese and Tibetan characters as a form of thoughtful meditation.

Chantel Keona
5 months
Thanks for sharing.

Chantel Keona
5 months
Thanks for sharing.
meditation tools review enso infinite art buddha boardImage courtesy of Buddha Board

While you may not share the same interest in calligraphy as these religions around the world, the action of drawing or painting with a calligraphy brush can still provide much needed stress relief in today’s screen-driven society. At least that’s what the inventors of the Buddha Board believed when they created the Enso Infinite Art.

This fun, little board encourages you to “value the here-and-now” by offering a temporary painting surface. Simply use water and a brush to paint on the board, and your creation will display in bold black and white. However, as the water evaporates, your art will also disappear, giving you a clean slate for creating even more temporary art.

The idea behind the board is that you can continue to create calligraphy or art in a meditative manner. As your marks disappear, so too will your worries. Actually, the name Enso is derived from the Japanese word for circle, indicating this is a tool for infinite art that delights in the “flow of life.”

meditation tools review enso infinite art buddha boardImage courtesy of Buddha Board

Thanks to Buddha Board, I had the opportunity to try the Enso Infinite Art. I generally try to live a streamlined life with as clutter as possible, so I really wasn’t sure I needed a temporary art board sitting around the house. However, I’m glad I took the opportunity to review this product.

I’m a terrible artist and therefore hate painting or drawing. It’s just wasteful to use the paper, paint, etc. when I’m only going to throw away what I create. On the other hand, I still love being creative, and I find the motions of painting or calligraphy to be quite relaxing. Perhaps that’s why the Enso Infinite Art was so addicting for me. I intended to try the board for ten minutes before going back to my daily writing, but half an hour later, I was still creating brush strokes and watching them disappear. It really was positively meditative!

But the Enso Infinite Art has uses beyond painting and meditation. For the past six years, I’ve studied Chinese off and on. As you can probably guess, one of the biggest challenges in acquiring the language is learning how to write Chinese characters. This board is exactly what I didn’t know I needed to practice writing. I can make row after row of characters that keep disappearing, allowing me to write until I’ve memorized the correct form.

Overall, my experience with the Enso Infinite Art has been unexpectedly positive. This board would make a great gift for students of Chinese, stressed out friends or artistic children.

As a final note, the Enso Infinite Art is environmentally friendly as it uses no ink, no paint and no chemicals. It measures 12 inches by 9.5 inches and will last for years with proper care.


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