Business Blades: The 6 Best Pocket Knives Suitable For Suits

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* Handy pocket knives to keep on you at all times – even at the office
* Great for day-to-day tasks and any unforeseen emergencies
* All knives on this list boast a folding style with variations in complexity

Whether it’s performing an emergency tracheotomy or simply opening a stubborn envelope, you can never predict exactly when having a pocket knife is going to come in handy. The only thing you can be sure of is that when the time comes, you’ll be grateful you chose to carry a knife. With that in mind, take a look through our collection of pocket knives to carry with you, even at the office. Not only are these ideal for yourself, they also make great presents, too.

1. Bartech Pro by Barton Blades

This Barton Blade’s Bartech Pro Knife features a high-quality, stainless steel, half-serrated blade. It also includes a small thumb stud on the blade’s face for quick opening and closing. When the knife is closed, it has an all-over black appearance with a hint of silver. And, using the attached key chain, the knife can be carried by hand, on a keychain or in a pocket with ease.  

pocket knives business best blades work office suits bartech pro by barton blades Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Schrade Imperial

The Schrade Imperial is a classy pocket knife that also comes with a couple of extra additions. As well as the 1.8-inch main blade, this knife also includes two other flip-out blades, each with a nail pull for easy access. Furthermore, the handle comes in an attractive silver color, which makes this knife a gift that any family member of knife-wielding age is sure to love.   

pocket knives business best blades work office suits schrade imperial imp14 small stockman folding Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Gerber STL 2.0

Stylish and sleek, the Gerber STL 2.0 knife sports an all-black design. The STL in the name stands for “strong, thin and light,” and at only 1 oz. in weight, you already know part of that’s true. Additionally, the ultra-thin blade is ideal for precise and detailed work. Plus, there’s a cut out in the blade to make opening and closing this pocket knife a single-handed job. We think this beautiful blade would match a sharp and stylish black suit perfectly.

pocket knives business best blades work office suits gerber stl 2.0 Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Morpilot Multitool Knife & Flashlight Set

Another sleek offering, the Morpilot 2-in-1 set comes with a multitool knife and flashlight. The multi tool features 5 individual functions: a bottle opener, seat belt cutter, saw, glass breaker and a self-defense knife. This is especially ideal for any unexpected “does anyone have a…?” moments. In addition, the included handheld flashlight boasts 5 different lighting options, high/medium/low along with strobe and S.O.S. It’s rated to IPX4 and has an anti-drop rating of up to 1m. This high-quality set is a great gift idea for adventurous partners or fathers.

pocket knives business best blades work office suits morpilot multitool flashlight set Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Schrade Old Timer

With its durable Delrin handle and 400 series stainless steel blade, the Schrade Old Timer is a modern pocket knife with a classic look. It sports a lanyard loop for easy attachment to belts, keys and other items. Plus, the knife’s blade is 1.6-inches long, which is sufficient for completing most day-to-day tasks.

pocket knives business best blades work office suits old timer small lockback folding Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Case Stockman Pocket Knife

The Case Stockman Pocket Knife features three flip-out blades, giving you a range of options to complete the task at hand. You’ll find a clip, sheepfoot and pen blade within the handle, which has been crafted from a synthetic brown material. The knife’s outwardly tough appearance and high-quality build makes it great for deep-in-the-forest situations as well as at-the-desk emergencies. Plus, this Case product also comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

pocket knives business best blades work office suits case stockman small brown Image courtesy of Amazon

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