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Anthony Mastracci

Reviews Editor

Anthony Mastracci is the Reviews Editor at, where he edits, writes and maintains the standards for reviews. Before earning his degree in multimedia journalism from Emerson College, Anthony began his blog, The Next Gentleman. He quickly found success on Instagram styling outfits to inspire the poorly-dressed men of New England.

In 2016, he made the drive from Massachusetts to California and now resides in Los Angeles. After years of working as an independent marketing consultant, Anthony joined the SPY team in 2022 to bring his expertise in journalism and content creation as well as men’s fashion and grooming.

When Anthony isn’t working, which is rare, you can find him nerding out with PokemonGO, hiking or camping with his friends, writing dad jokes in his head to save for the perfect moment or rewatching “The Office” for the 14th time. Paul Rudd: if you’re reading this, let’s do lunch.

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