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Jason Coles

Tech Contributor

Jason is a freelancer based in the United Kingdom who has written for the likes of The Inventory, TechRadar, Eurogamer, and many more. He's currently working as the editor of a Magic: The Gathering website, The Indie Games Website, and a regular contributor to a few others as well.

While tech is a big part of what Jason covers, he tends to specialize in gaming in both digital and physical forms, but also likes to write about fitness when possible. As a qualified personal trainer, fitness is still a big part of his life, so it's nice to flex the gray matter occasionally to talk about the latest pieces in wearable fitness tech or new exercise programs.

When he's not writing, he spends his time with his daughter, wife, and cats. He also likes to game, but doesn't get as much time for it as he used to.

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