tyler schoeber headshot, e-commerce editor at spy

Tyler Schoeber

Tyler Schoeber is an e-commerce editor at SPY.com where he creates content featuring the most worth-it products to shop for online now. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Tyler’s a proud Jersey native with a passion for good food, good wine and good times. He split his college education between Pratt Institute and Montclair State University where he obtained his degree in fine arts in 2018. How the hell did he land a career in writing, you ask? He’s still unsure. On the weekends, Tyler can be found shopping for new vinyl records to add to his collection, hitting up Brooklyn-based thrift stores for the perfect patterned button-down shirt and likely snagging a killer cocktail at a new bar once the sun goes down. Tyler also has a collection of tees featuring his artwork you can check out here, where a chunk of the money goes directly to Black LGBTQIA+ organizations. |