Say Goodbye to Stinky, Wet Shoes With This Portable Boot And Shoe Dryer For Only $30

Boot dryer for Mens shoes
Courtesy of Shutterstock/Stakhov Yuriy
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* Keep ski boots, hiking and work shoes dry with this portable device
* Convection heat removes moisture and sweat from shoes
* Compact and ready for carry-on

There are many devices out there that can dry your shoes, keeping your feet comfortable and your favorite hiking boots lasting longer, but we really love this portable device that takes the cumbersome quality of the standard dryer and focuses on convenience while traveling. Skiers, hikers, and those living in very humid climates know the struggle of wet footwear after a day outside. It can take over a full day sometimes for them to air-dry, and during that time shoes are at risk for stinking up with bacteria and sweat that lingers inside. To combat this common issue, the DryGuy boot warmers use a straightforward concept that utilizes convection heat (with low wattage) to heat up the inside of your shoes and boots through their aluminum and silicone rubber design that speeds up the drying process. The plastic exterior protects shoes and insoles from damage while the powerful aluminum interior effectively removes sweat and moisture, so no stink, just complete dryness.

DryGuy Travel Boor dryer Courtesy of Amazon

The two inserts are attached by an electrical cord that plugs into the wall and begins working once the red light clicks on to let you know they are warming up. Once they are placed inside shoes (reference the image above for proper placement) they are said to dry out shoes and boots within a few hours, and up to five for very wet shoes. Even snow-soaked ski boots and damp leather boots can be effectively dried using this carry-on device, just remember they will take longer if they have been exposed to a lot of moisture, so give them enough time when planning for their next use. They can even be stored in your shoes while traveling so they don’t take up any extra space and you can use them as often as needed, offering you moisture-free shoes to step into the following day.

DryGuy Travel Boor dryer Courtesy of Amazon