Keep Clocks Ticking and Smoke Alarms Working with 9V Batteries That You Can Depend On

best 9v batteries
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Whether it’s painkillers or cleaning supplies, many things you can buy at the pharmacy work just as well in their generic form. This is not the case with batteries. There’s a world of a difference between the name brand batteries and the generic ones. Those short term savings on cheap batteries will just end up costing extra in the long run when you have to replace them. In fact, the “long run” might end up being pretty short.

9V batteries are expected to supply a lot of power, which is why it’s worth getting a dependable pack. The use of 9V batteries has declined over time, so they can be a little harder to find if you still rely on them. Whether you’re want to build a toy car, power an electric instrument, or just keep the smoke alarm from beeping all the time, these are some of the best 9V batteries we could find.


1. EBL 4-Pack 9V Batteries

Rechargeable batteries can save a lot of money in the long term, and this affordable four-pack of rechargeable batteries also includes a wall plug that lets you charge two batteries at a time. The powerful batteries supply 600 mah, and they have built-in protection against overcharging. This makes the batteries safer and longer-lasting.

Pros: Affordable four-pack of lithium batteries includes a wall charger.

Cons: Slightly larger than the standard, meaning it may be hard to fit them into some devices.

EBL 9V battery Amazon


2. Duracell CopperTop 9V Alkaline Batteries

If you don’t need to buy a bunch of batteries at once, these 9V batteries from the perennially reliable Duracell come in a pack of four. They’re a good value, and cost less than they otherwise would from many pharmacies. The batteries are guaranteed to last five years in storage.

Pros: Affordable pack from top battery brand, guaranteed for five years in storage.

Cons: Sold by various sellers, and not all are equally reliable.

Duracell 9V battery Amazon


3. AmazonBasics 9 Volt Everyday Alkaline Battery

This value pack of batteries is from AmazonBasics, and it includes four 9V batteries. They’re designed to last three years in storage, and they’re premium alkaline for long-lasting power when charging devices.

Pros: Includes four batteries and has a three year shelf life

Cons: Shelf life not quite as long as other brands.

9v battery Amazon