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This Automatic Cat Feeder Lets You Stay In Bed For Longer And Is 38% Off

This automatic cat feeder is an excellent way to help make looking after an animal a little bit easier, and is currently on sale at 38% off of the normal price of $89.99, which means it’s just $55.98. That’s a small price to pay for the ability to have a lie-in each morning instead of being woken up by a cat meowing loudly, and also making sure they’re fed even if the user is late home.

This thing can be programmed to dispense food up to four times a day, with various different meal sizes as needed, and the user can even record a voice message to let pets know it’s time to eat. Although realistically, the animals are going to hear the food being yeeted into the bowl and instantly come running anyway. Still, it’s a nice feature for a more personal touch, and that’s very important when looking after animals, especially newer members of the household.

It’s an almost essential purchase for anyone who finds themselves working weird hours, or just those who know they might end up forgetting sometimes. It also makes pet sitting much easier for other people, which is always a relief when looking at going away for a weekend, or suddenly having a wedding or something else to deal with. It can feed dogs too, making it one of the best pet products around, and should also hopefully keep the animals away from the best pet-friendly plants.

$55.98 $89.99 38% off

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This cat feeder can be programmed to fit the needs of different pets by putting out dry food between one and four times a day, the amount of food can be changed, and the user can even record a special message to help call the pets to let them know it’s food time. It can also run on both standard outlet power and batteries too, which is useful if the power goes out. It’s also useful if the user is going out for a day and doesn’t have anyone to check on the animals.