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The Awair Element Is the Air Quality Monitor That Looks as Good as it Works

It’s time to start treating the air you breathe the same as the foods or drinks that you put inside of your body. You wouldn’t eat McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner, would you? Then why would breathe bad air quality in your home all day? That’s where the Awair Air Quality Monitor can help.

We know what you must be thinking: “Great, another piece of tech for my house *sigh*. How much does the subscription cost?” Or “where am I going to put this thing?” That’s the beauty of the Awair Element Air Quaility Monitor — no need to hide it, mount it, or subscribe to anything.

There are few air quality monitors that are as stylish and blend right into your home décor like the Awair Element Air Quality Monitor. And beyond looking good, it does wonders to keep you and your family safe from breathing in nasty pollutants. It’s time to breathe in the good, and exhale the bad.


What You Should Know About Air Quality

Air quality monitors detect a handful of different gases and particles in the air inside your home. Some common ones are:

  • Particulate matter (or fine particles) — Small particles (10 micrometers or smaller) that can be inhaled and cause damage to the lungs
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) — Gases that may have negative effects on your lungs and heart
  • Co2 — This greenhouse gas is harmless in small quantities, but high levels can be deadly.

The Awair Air Quality Monitor helps you be aware of those particles and gases, so when levels become potentially hazardous, you know about it, and can take action.

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Awair Element Air Quality Monitor: How It Works

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There are air quality monitors available that make you feel like you need a PhD in chemistry in order to understand the readings. The Awiar Element makes it simple. An air quality score is displayed on the front panel with white LED lights. It looks modern, but we wish it was a hair easier to read — the white lights on the white background make it a little tough to see.

The score itself is a combination of humidity, temperature, Co2, VOCs and particulate matter (PM2.5) readings inside of your home. This score is on a scale of 1 – 100. If the score is 0 – 59, the air quality is poor. Scores of 60 – 79 are teetering on poor levels, and 80 – 100 is considered good air quality. There is also a LED light in the upper right corner that indicates the air quality in the room; green is good, orange is less so, and red means you need to take action.

Beyond a single quality score, the monitor breaks down each individual reading (Co2, humidity, etc.) in a miniature “bar graph” using dots on the left of the score. The dots stack 1 to 5. One dot means the reading is good, and five means unhealthy levels. Although you can see this right on the monitor, it’s a bit easier to read using the app.

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The Awair Home Companion app displays all the information that the air quality monitor gathers. You can check on the air quality in your home even when you aren’t standing in front of the app. The “bar graph” or individual readings are also color-coded on the app, making them a bit more visually appealing. Again, green for good, orange is getting worse, and red is no bueno. It will also send you push notifications when levels start to creep from green to unhealthy.

There are a handful of tabs within the app that can help you control your home’s air quality. Tips offer helpful insight on things you can do to help get the air quality back to healthy levels. The Trends tab gives you an estimated average on your readings throughout the day, which can be helpful to know, especially if you learn that, for example, your air quality gets worse later in the day. You can then plan accordingly to improve air quality as the day goes on.

What’s really cool is integrating the Awair Air Quality Monitor with an Alexa-enabled device. You can say something like “Alexa, how humid is it in my house?” and you’ll get a verbal reading. You can also ask Alexa about suggestions on how to improve those levels. The Awair Air Quaity Monitor is already handy enough, but when you add in the Alexa component, the convenience goes through the roof.


Why You Should Buy The Awair Element

Beyond the convenience of having Alexa tell you the air quality readings, or having them in the palm of your hand, the Awair Element also looks great. You can put this on your nightstand or on your kitchen counter and it won’t look like an eyesore.

A quick recap: Looks great, check. Convenient, check. Easy and accurate readings, check. When you’re ready to start taking the air you breathe as serious as the food you eat, this is the air quality monitor that checks all the boxes.

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