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Review: The Beast Blender Is Beautifully Designed, But Is It Worth Your Money?

Let me start off by saying that I am always in search of the best blenders, food processors, mixers, and other kitchen gadgets — so when the Beast Blender crossed by my testing desk I knew I had to check it out. It’s a complete blending and hydration system that looks gorgeous and performed well until recently. Below you’ll find my updated review of the product mixed in with the original testing notes that remain relevant.

The Beast B10+ Health Blender has quite the pedigree. It’s the first product from Beast Health, and the company’s CEO and Founder is Colin Sapire. If you’re not a health food nut or e-commerce expert, you likely don’t recognize the name, but Sapire was originally the Co-Founder of Capital Brands, the company that introduced the world to the NutriBulllet and the personal blender craze in the first place.

Early reviews (including mine) raved about the blender, which is powered by a 1,000-watt motor fully capable of churning your choice of veggies, fruits, leafy greens, ice, and protein powders into delicious smoothies, shakes, and juices.

But after using the Beast Blender for over a year and a half, unfortunately, it started giving me problems. But is it still worth purchasing? Yes, but with an asterisk. Keep reading to find out why.

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The Specs: The Beast B10+ Health Blender Is More Than a Pretty Face

The beautiful cylindrical shape is complemented by soft, uniform ripples that elevate its design beyond your classic personal blender. It’s made with powerful pulsing technology inside that blends together all your ingredients smoothly, jam-packing the nutrients into a liquid that’s easy to sip on the go. And speaking of on-the-go, the blender also doubles as a hydration bottle with the flip of a lid, so you can take your healthy smoothies anywhere you wish. The blender also comes with a small infuser that you can insert into your bottle and use to add flavor to water throughout the day.

That said, the blender itself isn’t as small and travel-friendly as some ultra-portable blenders. That’s not really a problem for the vast majority of people (how often do you need to transport your blender?), but you might wish the blender was capable of handling a higher volume of ingredients. However, as a personal blender, it’s just the right size.

Courtesy of Beast

The housing is forged from CNC-machined aluminum and then gives a powder-coated finish that’s sophisticated and polished. The internal vessels are made of durable Tritan that’s leak-resistant and the blender monitors internal temperatures in case things get too hot and heavy during the mixing process. The ribbed design on the outside doesn’t just look pretty, it also maximizes the turbulence inside and makes the blades that much more powerful.

Currently, the blender comes in three colors — black, grey, and white. It is more expensive than other personal blenders, especially if you buy the blender and hydration bottle together in the “Hydration System” set. However, if you really love homemade smoothies and protein shakes, then it’s worth the extra coin.

Plus, everything is currently 20% off on Beast’s website for Black Friday, so if you’re interested in buying now’s the time.

Courtesy of Beast

Initial Tests of the Beast B10+ Health Blender

After trying out the Beast Blender for a few weeks I’m happy to report that it works just as well as it looks. I mixed up my daily breakfast smoothie every day with ingredients including frozen fruit, a banana, greek yogurt, almond butter, and spinach and it instantly blends them all to perfection. There was no cranking, zero hang-ups on stubborn pieces of fruit, and no chunks in the finished smoothie. Everything was incorporated thoroughly and the blender container was easy to drink out of afterward, saving me a dish.

The base that plugs into the wall is quite heavy, even when compared with our bigger kitchen blender from Vitamix. However, the extra weight kept it from slipping and sliding around during the blending process which I prefer.

Their wide blender bottles are beautifully designed, and the ridges not only add a unique look but also make the bottles easier to hold and maneuver. All of the bottles, come to think of it, are heavier than your regular cup or water bottle. This isn’t a nuisance or a hindrance but actually makes them feel and look higher quality than most personal blenders.

Courtesy of Beast

After I loaded everything into the main blender piece and screwed on the blade attachment, it was super easy to flip over onto the engine base. It clicked into place instantly and it took one button to get it started.

The Beast is VERY simple to use, with only one button and one-speed option, so it’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t like a lot of bells and whistles. The button also turned it off once the mix was sufficiently blended, and it was just as easy to pop off the base as it was to attach in the first place. It’s powerful enough that you don’t need higher settings, but for users who prefer more control, the one-speed setting may be a drawback (I didn’t mind it).

The kit also came with a smaller blender container for storage with a few lid options, as well as a skinnier bottle with an optional infuser attachment for flavored water. The bottles are all glass which is great for taste and reusability, and everything matches. All of the parts also attach and detach intuitively, which makes having interchangeable parts much less confusing.

The Beast Health Blender Review: 18 Months Later

As mentioned previously, the Beast Blender was great up until it started giving me problems. Here’s what went wrong.

While the Beast Blender never stopped working and blending powerfully as it should, after a while, I could no longer turn it on. This was because of the sensor that detects the bottle successfully locking into the base stopped working.

This could have been a manufacturing defect with my specific unit, but my guess is those problems tend to arise earlier in the product’s lifespan. Regardless, it’s a relevant update for readers.

Excessive Water

Another observation from over a year of testing the Beast Blender is that liquid accumulates inside the twist-on blade head when blending. This did not happen after using it out of the box. It spills out when you take it off, after washing, or any other time excessive moisture has had a chance to gather. Some of it stays in there for a while and I could hear the sloshing but not get it out. It didn’t affect the performance of the product but definitely feels like a breeding ground for bacteria.

Customer Service Experience and Warranty

My experience with the Beast Blender PR team and customer service was easy and relatively pain-free. They were attentive, offered a bunch of troubleshooting tips (which didn’t make enough of a difference) and ultimately ended up sending me a new unit.

It’s very important to note that the Beast Blender has a 2-year limited warranty, so if yours broke down you might be able to get a new one at no extra cost.

As a site that reviews products, our goal is to remain cognizant of customer service as the average consumer. We realize that as journalists, our experience may be easier than that of a regular customer. In this case, coming with a 2-year warranty, we believe that the average consumer would receive the same exact treatment had their unit malfunctioned in the same way.

Today’s Verdict: Should You Still Buy the Beast Blender?

Overall, I think the Beast is still a solid bet for your average daily hydration, juice, and smoothie needs. It didn’t break down after a few weeks of use, it lasted about a year before one faulty sensor undermined the performance of the entire product.

Since it doesn’t have adjustable speeds or blending options, it shouldn’t replace your main kitchen blender or food processor. But if your regular blender is large or you find yourself needing to blend in batches too small for the big blades to reach — salad dressing is a good example — then the Beast Blender is a great option. I frequently make my own salad dressings with fresh herbs, spices, and granular ingredients and the Beast Blender did a great job blending them to an ideal texture.

Having said that, please understand that there’s a chance it may break after a while or require fixing.

Right now, you can only buy the Beast B10+ Health Blender at The Beast online store. If you have a little extra to spend you can also purchase the Beast Blender and Hydration System for a reduced price of $155 on their website.

Courtesy of Beast