Buy One of These Bedside Lamps and Add a Bit of Class to Your Bedroom

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Bedtime is without doubt one of the most important parts of the day. Get it right and you’ll wake up feeling like a million dollars, get it wrong and you’ll wake up feeling like a zombie. While getting a good night’s rest may sometimes feel like a lottery, there are a lot of things you can do to ensure you get the best rest possible, from sticking to a schedule to not using your smartphone.

One thing many people overlook is the benefit of reading before bed. We aren’t talking about checking your Facebook feed. We mean time spent with your nose between pages or reading on a specially designed e-reader. The benefits of bedtime reading include stress relief, improving creativity, better sleep and increased levels of empathy. In short, if you’re stressed out and feel too busy all the time, it may be worth forcing yourself to spend some time reading before you fall asleep.

To help you create the right environment for your hours of rest, we’ve put together a list of the best bedside lamps. There’s an option for every preference, whether you like the idea of immersing yourself in a color-filled environment, want to read for a few hours or even just want to know your smartphone battery is going to be full when you wake. Take a look through our list of lamps and find the right option for your bedtime needs.

1. Limelights Brushed Steel Lamp


Sometimes classic designs remain popular for good reason. And, that is exactly the case with this Limelights Brushed Steel Lamp . The simple, brushed steel base and fabric shade combine to give the lamp a look which blends with any bedroom decor. Furthermore, the easy-to-find, dangling on/off switch means you’ll never have to search around in the dark. The lamp is also available in a range of colors and includes a plug socket on the base for easy phone or other electronic device charging.

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2. Kira Home Touch Bedside Lamp


If the one thing you hate about bedside lamps is constantly having to search for the on and off switch, the Kira Home Touch Bedside Lamp could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Instead of a conventional pull cord or switch, turning this lamp on or off requires you to simply touch any part of the lamp’s base. This clever method helps to prevent any early morning madness. The 13-inch high lamp is available in rectangular and cylindrical options. It also comes in a number of different base and shade finishes, allowing you to match your lamp to your bedroom.

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3. Seealle USB Table Desk Lamp


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t leave their phone charging on their bedside table? That’s why this Seealle USB Table Desk Lamp is so appealing. It doesn’t just sport an attractive design, it also features a built-in USB port, taking care of two jobs instead of just one. The front facing USB port is ideal for charging your phone, tablet or any other USB device. The lamp itself features a rectangular design with a solid base, fabric shade and a handy pull chain for a quick and easy on and off.

a square lamp with its own usb socket with a phone plugged into it Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Acegoo Bedside Reading Light


The Acegoo Bedside Reading Light is an ideal choice for bedtime readers. As it’s mounted on the wall and has a fully flexible neck, it’s easy to position and reposition the lamp right where you need it without disturbing your partner. The on and off switch is located on the lamp’s base to ensure it’s always easily found, and the advanced built-in dimmer setting allows you to choose the exact brightness you desire. The lamp is available with a matte black or brushed nickel finish.

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5. AUKEY Table Lamp


For those who believe variety is the spice of life, this AUKEY Table Lamp can deliver a range of different light colors, depending on your mood and requirements. Not only can you choose between a number of different brightness settings, you’ll also be able to choose between six different colors as well, including red, yellow and blue. The advanced lamp uses touch technology for lighting adjustments, meaning there’s no hard-to-find switches hidden anywhere.

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6. Philips Hue Go Table Lamp


If your home is already smart but your bedside lamp isn’t, it’s probably time to upgrade. This Phillips Hue Go Table Lamp works with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit to control your lamp wirelessly using just your voice. The design is also wireless and ultra-portable, meaning it’s easy to move from room to room and even take with you on camping and other outdoor trips. Plus, the lamp allows you to choose from over 16 million different color options, including hundreds of shades of white, using the app on your smartphone.

a philips hue smart portable lamp with its box on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Castine Modern Accent Table Lamps


The Ledger Modern Accent Table Lamps are a great option if you’re searching for a matching pair of his and her bedside lamps. The lamp’s design features a solid base with a fabric shade, and they come in a range of finishes, from mercury glass silver to mercury glass blue, allowing you to choose the right style for your bedroom. Each lamp also has its own built-in USB charger for easy overnight charging of your smartphone or other USB electronic devices.

castine modern accent table lamps, best bedside lamps Courtesy of Amazon


8. HAITRAL Bedside Table Lamps


Looking for two matching lamps to polish off a bedroom decor aesthetic? These are a perfect choice. The metallic base and fabric shade are decorative and understated, and the classic design comes in three different color choices. They have a metallic finish that adds a touch of modern design to the space and the medium size won’t take up too much space on your nightstand. They have a push switch at the base to make turning the light on and off easy, and the chord and plug are UL tested for safety.

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9. Albrillo Spiral Design LED Bedside Lamp


Okay this is for those design-oriented, avant-garde folks out there who love to go for something “different.” This spiral-shaped design gives off a warm light and the stainless steel creates a unique shape. All it takes is a simple touch to dim or brighten the light, and the high-quality LED lights inside won’t exhaust your eyes even with hours of use. The base has non-slip material on it so you don’t need to worry about stability or the iron materials of the base scuffing up your nightstand.

albrillo spiral design lamp, best bedside lamp Courtesy of Amazon


10. HAITRAL Tripod Table Lamp


This adorable lamp has animals and trees on the shade print and is perfect for a child’s bedroom or nursery. It has a high-quality wooden tripod base and the fabric shade is linen. The light given off is warm and soft, not too harsh on the eyes, and filters the light to be bright but not tiring for the eyes. The minimalist design is suitable for any look you’re going for, and the simple cute look will liven up any space.

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