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Love Baking? You Definitely Need One of These Apple Peelers

There are fewer things more delicious (or more American) than a freshly baked apple pie. Just imagine the flaky crust, the buttery, delicious filling and the tangy cinnamon. Is your mouth watering yet?

But one of the reasons every American isn’t baking an apple pie every day is that peeling apples is hard work. This is especially true if you’re using the wrong peeler for the job.

When selecting kitchen gadgets like apple peelers, you need to look for several things. First and foremost, you should search out quality, sharp blades. Apples are far trickier to peel than potatoes due to the soft flesh of the apple underneath. Only a super sharp blade will do the job right.

Second, you need an apple peeler that can withstand a little moisture and is easy on the hands. After all, you’ll be peeling at least half a dozen apples every time you want to bake a pie.

Third, you’ll need to choose between handheld and table-mounted options. Handheld options are versatile and simple to store in your kitchen, but table-mounted options make peeling apples a lot easier on the hands.

Below you’ll find the seven best apple peelers on Amazon, including both table-mounted and handheld options. Browse through the options and select the best one for your kitchen.

1. Victorio Kitchen Products Johnny Apple Peeler

The Victorio Kitchen Products Johnny Apple Peeler is a versatile kitchen addition. Not only does it let you peel apples with ease, you’ll also be able to core and slice them using this handy device. It’s constructed from a heavy cast iron, which gives it a quality feel and plenty of durability. The built-in suction base ensures it won’t tip over during use, while the stainless steel blades can cut through your fruits and vegetables in seconds.

Pros: This metal-based peeler will function for decades to come thanks to its sturdy construction.

Cons: The suction base is not the most stable and may require adjusting throughout the peeling process.

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2. Spring Chef Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler

The Spring Chef Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler provides you with an effortless way to remove the skin from apples, vegetables and other foods. The dual, stainless steel blades remain super sharp to ensure the skin-removal process is quick, clean and requires as little energy as possible. This handy kitchen device is also dishwasher safe, sports a non-slip handle and can be used by left or right-handed people without a problem. You’ll also find a built-in loop to provide a range of kitchen storage options.

Pros: The ultra-sharp blades make peeling your fruits and vegetables effortless.

Cons: The one-handed design requires more attention than many table-mounted options.

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3. Starfrit Electric Rotato Express

If you don’t want to put any effort into peeling your fruits and vegetables, then it’s a great idea to invest in an electric option, like this Starfrit Electric Rotato Express. This peeler is ideal for a range of fruits and vegetables, including apples, potatoes, tomatoes and pears. It also quickly works from top to bottom to leave you with an impressively well-peeled product. Plus, the non-slip base ensures your device stays attached to your kitchen counter during use.

Pros: This device offers a fully automated option for peeling your apples and other fruits and vegetables.

Cons: The large size and upright orientation makes storing this device a little bit more difficult than other peelers.

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4. OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

With its ergonomic design, swiveling twin blades and built-in potato eye remover, the OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler is another impressive handheld peeler option. The handle features a soft grip that keeps you in control during use and remains secure in your hands even when they get wet. It’s also dishwasher safe and sports a built-in hole for easy storage in your kitchen drawers or for hanging up.

Pros: The soft handle is made from a material that stays secure and comfortable even if things get juicy.

Cons: One-handed peelers aren’t for everyone as they require more attention and are quite fiddly.

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5. Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler 3-Pack

Inside this Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler 3-Pack, you’ll find three ergonomically designed peelers for taking the skin off your fruit with ease. These peelers are available in a range of different colors and sport carbon steel blades which remain sharp even after plenty of use. The design includes a convenient potato eye remover and can be used by both right and left handed users without a problem.

Pros: The wide and ergonomic design makes these peelers the ideal mix of comfortable and capable.

Cons: The plastic and carbon steel mix is more flimsy than some other offerings.

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6. Starfrit Pro-Apple Peeler

If you want to peel your apples but also see your peeler as it works, this Starfrit Pro-Apple Peeler is for you. The device’s shell is made from a transparent plastic that lets you see the cogs and wheels in action. Simply pop your apple on the spikes, turn the handle and enjoy the show. This peeler also comes with an apple corer and slicer to ensure your apple can be conveniently prepared and ready to eat after use.

Pros: The clear design lets you see the peeler in action, which is great fun for kids and adults alike.

Cons: The plastic material is more liable to breaking than metal options.

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7. Spiralizer Apple Peeler

The cast magnesium Apple Peeler by Spiralizer is a sturdy, long-lasting kitchen gadget. This fruit and vegetable peeler has a classic, cherry red design that will stand out in the kitchen in the best possible way. It’s made from a strong die-cast magnesium, includes a vacuum base, and boasts an easy-to-use handle that’s great for kids and seniors. Plus, the fruit knife is easy to remove and clean.

Pros: With a lifetime warranty and sturdy construction, this is a reliable apple peeler with a classic design.

Cons: The handle and suction base may come loose over time.

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