The Best Beverage Dispensers for Staying Refreshed All Year

Best beverage dispensers
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There are a lot of types of beverages out there, so it makes sense that there are many varieties of beverage dispensers.

From choosing the material and structure of the dispenser to debating the size and how much space it will take up, there are a lot of directions you can take in your quest to find the best beverage dispenser. While you may want your tea and coffee to be kept hot, or your water to be kept cold, you’d also want your wine to be the ideal temperature for what it is, as well.

The beverage dispenser stands to be the central focus of many parties, and for good reason. Everyone wants what’s inside, be it boozy hot cocoa or a nice glass of wine. This way, you can keep the beverages flowing, and never have to leave the party. And if you’re into a more open format for drinks, be sure to check out our round-up of the best punch bowls as well!


1. FineDine Beverage Dispenser

When you imagine a beverage dispenser, this glass version is likely what you picture. It has a mason jar-like look that can fit in just about any situation. Likewise, the glass container won’t impart any gross taste onto your drink of choice. However, our favorite feature of this beverage dispenser from FineDine is the ice core, which means you can chill your drinks without diluting them.

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2. Jeff Henderson Stone Drink Dispenser

We may love some bourbon on the rocks. But what if it was dispensed from a rock? This cool stone beverage dispenser is easy to use and care for, and can dispense all your beverages in a fun and unique way. Simply flip your bottle of choice up top and fit it into the proper hole and you’re good to go!

Jeff Henderson Stone Drink Dispenser Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


3. Mind Reader Beverage Dispenser

It’s always a good idea to have multiple drink options at a gathering. Perhaps you’ll have something alcoholic, a mocktail, and plain old water. Or maybe you’ll have iced coffee, iced tea, and a fruity option. Whatever your options, everyone can have their drink of choice with this tiered stackable drink dispenser.

Mind Reader Beverage Dispenser with Ice Bottom Courtesy of Amazon

4. Personalized American Premium Oak Aging Barrel

Feel like you are at a distillery every time you enjoy some whiskey with this personalized barrel that also allows you to dispense whatever is inside! Just like anything you’d find at a distillery, it’s made of quality oak with a charred interior. You can use this to age your own spirits, too.

Personalized Custom Engraved American Premium Oak Aging Barrel Courtesy of Amazon


5. Arrow Home Products Beverage Dispenser

Sometimes, you just need a streamlined and simple beverage dispenser that will get the job done. This clear dispenser is all that, with two helpful and convenient carry handles, and a shape that is compact enough to fit wherever you may need it, including your refrigerator.

Arrow Home Products Beverage Dispenser Courtesy of Amazon


6. Igloo Beverage Dispenser

Use this dispenser to keep cold water cold, or beer chilled. The spigot is drip-resistant, which protects against puddles and messes (and wasted beverage, of course). It is also easy to transport to the next tailgate thanks to easy-to-use handles and a cord that keeps the lid attached even when moving about.

Igloo Beverage Dispenser Courtesy of Amazon


7. Uncommon Goods Wine Dispensing Sphere

Why can’t the dispenser be part of the decor? It is, after all, going to be the center of the activity. That’s especially true if there’s wine inside! This spherical wine dispenser is ready to be filled with your favorite wine. Then just let the good times, er, roll.

Uncommon Goods Wine Dispensing Sphere Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


8. Buddeez Unbreakable 3.5-Gallon Beverage Dispenser

We love the unique fluted shape in this large beverage dispenser, but it’s also appealing that it is made out of triton polyester material, which will keep the dispenser from cracking. A lock-on base and embossed liquid measuring marks with a no-drip faucet mean this will be easy to use at your next party and won’t leave a mess behind.

Buddeez Unbreakable 3.5-Gallon Beverage Dispenser Courtesy of Amazon


9. Wine Nook Box Wine Dispenser

This chalkboard dispenser is just kitschy and fun, and will be a cute asset at the next party. Let people know what is inside so they know what they are drinking before it’s in their glass. And if the contents change, just update the chalkboard with the included chalk.

Wine Nook Little Nook Decorative Box Wine Dispenser, Courtesy of Amazon

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