Go Green While Cutting Your Grass With the Best Electric Lawn Mowers

best electric lawn mowers

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It used to be that when it came to yard-related power tools, it was gas or nothing. Gas-powered products always provided that extra level of oomph, whereas electric options were seen as lesser for one reason or another. Sure, there were times where electric-powered products made sense, but if you wanted to get a heavy-duty job done quick, it was gas or nothing. That’s certainly not the case anymore, as electric options have gotten more efficient. Yet, even still, the idea of an electric lawn mower seemed like it wouldn’t be up to par.

That’s no longer the case. The electric lawn mowers of 2021 are just as powerful as your regular gas mower and are better for the environment in the long run. Most of them have a battery life that will last well over an hour and come in a variety of different modes, including self-propelled or push, cordless or cord, and so on. Plus, electric lawn mowers are quieter and require less upkeep as well.

If you’re in the market for a new lawn mower, you really ought to consider one of these seven electric lawn mower options. Our selection from brands like Black+Decker, EGO, and more can be found below.


1. EGO Power+ Cordless Electric Lawn Mower


All of EGO’s products are about flexibility and ease of use, and that certainly extends to their cordless electric lawn mower. EGO’s batteries can be used across the full suite of their products, which means the battery that comes with your mower can be used in an electric hedge trimmer too. Outside of that ease of use, the EGO mower has enough power in it to make it comparable to most gas mowers. With an adjustable wheelset, lightweight construction, LED headlights, and a battery life of about an hour on each battery, you’ll hardly notice the difference between this and a gas mower.

EGO Power+ Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Lowe's


2. Snapper XD Electric Lawn Mower


With a battery run time of about 90 minutes and a total charge time of 30 minutes, the Snapper XD electric lawn mower will be the choice for those who don’t want to worry about battery life and focus on cutting. Seven different cutting height adjustments make it easy to scale in the best cut for your needs. However, the battery life and other intelligent features like a push-to-start functionality and a smart terrain sensor that automatically adjusts output make it a must-have for those who want power and ease of use above all else.

Snapper XD Electric Lawn Mower Amazon


3. Black+Decker MM2000 Electric Lawn Mower


A corded electric lawn mower is inherently limiting, as you’re tethered to an outlet, even with an extension cord. But for those who have a really small yard, the Black+Decker MM2000 electric lawn mower is more than powerful enough to make short work of your small space. Affordable, reliable, and efficient, the 13-amp motor will tackle your yard with ease, while the three-in-one functionality makes it great for mulching, bagging, and even side discharge depending on your need. Plus, the seven adjustable settings make trimming a breeze.

Black+Decker MM2000 Electric Lawn Mower Amazon


4. Kobalts KMP Electric Lawn Mower


The price on the Kobalts KMP electric lawn mower might be a little hard to stomach for some, but its features are well worth its value. The 21-inch deck with adjustable height and three-in-one settings is powered by a 6.0ah battery, which allows for a run time of about 80 minutes. However, the real benefit here is the self-propel functionality, which means you really only need to guide the mower instead of having to push it. That not only cuts down on the amount of physical work you’ll have to do but also makes the overall cutting experience go much quicker.

Kobalts KMP Electric Lawn Mower Amazon


5. Greenworks Twin Force Electric Lawn Mower


The Greenworks Twin Force electric lawn mower features one of our absolute favorite bits of tech: a second battery. Yes, we realize that’s not a revolutionary feature, but it is a smart design choice that will save you a ton of time when cutting your yard. When your first battery dies, the second battery will take over immediately, letting you keep moving and mowing without missing a beat. The 20-inch cutting deck, smart cut tech that adjusts for power based on grass thickness, and dual trimming blades make quite a compelling package even more of a must-have.

Greenworks Twin Force Electric Lawn Mower Amazon


6. WORX WG779 Electric Lawn Mower


If you’ve got a little more budget to spend on an electric mower, the WORX WG779 sits at the perfect mid-tier of electric lawn mowers. With six adjustable highs, bagging or mulching settings, an onboard battery indicator, and even a meter to identify the bag’s fullness, there are plenty of top-tier features that make this mower feel like it is punching way above its price tag. Plus, the included torque meter lets you scale up the power when you hit a hard-to-handle section of grass and then scale it back down once you’re in the clear.

WORX WG779 Electric Lawn Mower Amazon


7. WORX WR140 Electric Robotic Lawn Mower


If you’d rather take the hassle of out mowing the lawn yourself, this robot lawn mower from WORX can cut to a quarter of an arc all on its own. In the same way, you use a Roomba, the WORX WR140 functions by setting down a charging base. Once you’ve set up the boundary wire for the unit and have measured your lawn, the robot gets to work. From there, you can set a dedicated schedule to keep your lawn tidy all the time. Other great features include anti-collision control, rain-sensing features, push notifications should the unit get stolen, and much much more to make cutting your yard easier than it’s ever been.

WORX WR140 Electric Robotic Lawn Mower Amazon


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