These Flexible Drill Bits Let You Boldly Go Where No Drill Has Gone Before

Best Flexible Drill Bits
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Ever tried tightening a screw you could hardly reach? It’s not fun. While modern electric drills feature better torque and lighter designs than ever before, having to squeeze your way into a corner — or worse, having to take apart a few pieces before you can reach your target — has always been one of the biggest challenges when it comes to DIY projects. Fortunately, flexible drill bits let your drill go where it normally couldn’t.

It’s no surprise more and more people are swearing by these tools. Designed to solve problems quickly and efficiently, the best flexible drill bits can twist and turn in virtually any direction, making it possible for you to drill effortlessly in spots that were all but impossible to reach before. From tiny screws nudged between two walls to screws nestled between areas where no hand could ever physically reach, flexible drill bits are a welcome tool to any DIYers arsenal.

Note that flexible drill bits aren’t actually different types of drills; rather, they offer an extension for which you can mount your existing bits to help hit those hard-to-reach areas. If you’re tired of having to tighten or loosen screws the old-fashioned way, check out our four favorite models and start drilling with ease.

1. Maexus Flexible Drill Bit Extension


This two-pack set comes with two uber-flexible bits for easy drilling. The quality mix of both durable plastic and resilient metal means these bits won’t break over time, and the thin design makes it easier to reach awkward screws with ease. Best of all, these bits are compatible with most drills, including smaller Pneumatic models, cordless designs, electric screwdrivers and more. It’s no surprise these bits took our top spot. With the combination of design and price, not to mention all the rave reviews, purchasing these bits is simply a no-brainer.

Flexible Drill Bit Courtesy of Amazon

2. 4 Pcs Flexible Drill Bit Extension


Measuring 11.6 inches in length, these flexible drill bits offer more than enough elbow room to help you hit those tight spots. Made from durable high-carbon steel, this four-piece set gives you more wiggle room and attach comfortably (and securely) to your drill. These bits also feature a smart hexagonal shaft, which works with both handheld and electric drills. They also come in various colors, so you can designate each bit to a specific task.

Flexible Drill Bit Courtesy of Amazon

3. TOOLTOO Flexible Drill Bit Extension


This bad boy may not be as long or as colorful as the other drill bits, but that’s because it was made for different jobs. The durable bit features a rugged metal frame that helps keep it sturdy even when bent. In fact, it can twist up to 300 degrees in any given direction. Great for reaching narrow areas or difficult angles, it attaches securely to your existing drill and works with both manual and electric screwdrivers.

Flexible Drill Bit Courtesy of Amazon

4. DEWALT DWARAFS Right Angle Flex Shaft


While this Dewalt model is technically a flexible drill bit, it goes a step further by including its own right-angle shaft. Because of its unique design, you can actually get more leverage where you need it most. The flexibility might not be as good as some of the other bits on this list (this one can only flex roughly 90 degrees), but the increased versatility makes it a great option in its own right.

Flexible Drill Bit Courtesy of Amazon