The Trick to Better Barbecue is Using One of These Grill Presses

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If steak ranks as your favorite food or you love eating bacon for breakfast, you almost certainly have an appreciation for the difference between well-cooked and not-so-well-cooked meats. Think back to the last time you had either, were there spots of uncooked fat that weren’t so enjoyable? Or was it unevenly cooked? If the answer to either question is yes, then it’s definitely time to invest in a grill press.

Grill presses, which are sometimes known as steak weights or bacon presses, are a simple yet effective way to deal with uneven meat and food items during the grilling process. Whether it’s a rasher of back meat, a piece of steak or paninis, these flat weights allow you to apply weight and pressure to your food to ensure it all contacts the cooking surface evenly, resulting in far better prepared meals.

You’ll also find that some presses sport raised strips on the underside to create those mouth-watering grill marks on your food and ensure both you and any friends, family or guests you’re cooking for won’t be able to wait to eat.

More often than not, grill presses are made from cast iron. This means, like other cast iron kitchen items, it’s possible to create flavor through the seasoning of your press for more flavor-filled food. But don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the process, as many presses come pre-seasoned.

Below, you’ll find nine of the top-rated grill presses available on Amazon. Each one is well reviewed and capable of delivering evenly cooked food on the barbecue. So say goodbye to uncooked fatty bits and enjoy delicious results every time.


1. Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press


Sometimes, there are products that are so well reviewed that they pretty much sell themselves. This is the case with the Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press . We’re not telling you to skip the rest of the list, but with over 900 five-star reviews and over 90% of Amazon users giving it top marks, we think there’s little debate you’re going to love it. It sports a classic press look, is beautifully balanced and boasts a stay-cool handle to provide comfort as you cook your grilled food.

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2. New Star Foodservice Iron Steak Weight


If you’re a little skeptical about a grill press’s effectiveness and want a budget-friendly option to get you started, the New Star Foodservice Iron Steak Weight is a great choice. It is constructed from cast iron and sports a simple yet effective design for pressing your bacon, patties and other meats. This press is available in two different sizes and also features a wooden handle to keep you cool and comfortable during the cooking process. 

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3. Jim Beam IroBBQ Press


With a cast iron base and a stainless steel handle, the Jim Beam IroBBQ Press is one of the classiest looking grill presses available. It comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, meaning it’s ready to press your meats right out of the box. This seasoned press is ideal for all kinds of meat, including chicken, fish, pork and more. As well as making the press look pretty cool, the spiral steel handle stays cool during use.

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4. Cuisinart Cast Iron Grill Press


The Cuisinart Cast Iron Grill Press is another well-reviewed and popular option on Amazon. It weighs 2.8-pounds, giving you plenty to push with when you’re flattening your meats and other foods. The grill press also sports a wooden handle, which stays cool on the grill and allows you to create delicious-looking grill marks on your foods. The large size of the press makes this a great choice for panini lovers.

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5. GadgetWiz Enameled Bacon Press


Do you hate those curled up, uncooked edges on bacon? That’s exactly why you need the GadgetWiz Enameled Bacon Press in your life. This effective press sports a wooden handle and durable enamel coating to deliver a comfortable experience when you’re grilling meats. You’ll also find the underside of the press sports a grooved surface to create beautiful lines on your bacon.

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6. HOMENOTE Griddle Accessories Kit


If you want an additional way to ensure your food cooks evenly, the HOMENOTE Griddle Accessories Kit includes both a grill press and round basting cover. The dome is constructed from thick stainless steel and acts to create a consistently warm environment for your food to cook in while the cast-iron grill press helps ensure all parts of you food are in contact with the grill. This set would make a great gift idea for budding chefs and passionate foodies.

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7. Lodge Flat Iron Grill Press


The Lodge Flat Iron Grill Press features a large 8.31-inch square surface which is ideal for at-home chefs who have to cook up food for a large number of people. Whether it’s a family or a group of friends, the large face lets you press numerous rashers or steaks with ease, meaning everyone’s food will be ready at the same time. The press also arrives pre-seasoned, so it’s ready to use straight away.

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8. Winco Stainless Steel Steak Weight


With its unique look and stylish appearance, the Winco Stainless Steel Steak Weight adds a touch of class to your kitchen. It also delivers deliciously cooked meats. The steak weight is made from stainless steel and sports a red silicone handle, which stays cool throughout to provide a comfortable cooking experience. The weight’s flat face is ideal for cooking steaks, patties and paninis, making it a versatile grill press option.

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9. Weber Grill Press


The Weber Grill Press is made from 100% cast iron with a durable, non-stick coating. As it’s constructed entirely from cast iron, you’ll enjoy evenly distributed heat across the face, which is ideal for achieving well-cooked paninis, chicken, steaks and more. The press also sports a matte finish, which gives the all-metal grill a high-quality appearance and makes it a great addition to any classy kitchen interiors.

best grill press weber Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Victoria Cast Iron Press


This cast iron press works equally well on the stovetop with bacon as it does preparing burgers on the grill. This grill press measures 8.3″ x 4.4″ and is constructed with weighty cast iron. The cool-touch wood handle is sanded for an easy grip, while the bottom surface is textured to prevent it from slipping and sliding while in use. Victoria is a three-generation family business founded in Colombia, and the company has been producing high quality cookware since 1939. This grill press can be used to cook perfect bacon, burgers, paninis and quesadillas.

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