The 10 Best Leaf Blowers To Keep Your Yard In Pristine Condition

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Keeping your yard clean is no easy task. However, it is possible to make the process a bit easier with a powerful leaf blower. The best leaf blower will help you effortlessly clean fallen leaves, clear snow, and remove other dirt and debris quickly and easily. That said, figuring out which one to buy will largely depend on the size of your yard, the type of job you’re trying to handle, and how hard you need the leaf blower to work.

There are four different types of leaf blowers with options ranging from handheld devices that clean small spaces to powerful push blowers that can tackle larger areas and jobs.

Different Types of Leaf Blowers

  • Gas-Powered: Walk-behind or push blowers are the most powerful option on the market. These gas-powered blowers list power in miles per hour (MPH) and cubic feet per minute (CFM). When it comes to power, the higher the CFM, the more forceful the air output is. Push leaf blowers can emit a CFM of up to 3,000. Many gas leaf blowers can convert from blower to vacuum and pick up mulch and other debris as needed. That change, however, requires a full reconfiguration of the unit. Gas blowers are also offered in handheld and backpack options.
  • Electric Leaf Blowers: Electric-powered blowers require less maintenance than gas blowers. Most of these come in handheld or backpack design and can convert from blower to vacuum with a simple switch. Electric leaf blowers typically have a CFM just under 200 up to 400.
  • Cordless Leaf Blowers: Less noisy than their gas-powered counterparts, cordless leaf blowers also have less blowing power. Many enjoy the cordless feature and the fact that these leaf blowers don’t emit fumes. They’re perfect for smaller yards and driveways and can be used as a quick fix after mowing or moving small piles of leaves. These blowers come in handheld or backpack style.
  • Combination Leaf Blowers and Vacuums: Some people prefer leaf vacuums to the best leaf blowers, but you don’t have to choose. Hybrid models allow you to have the best of both worlds.

Whether you’re looking for a leaf blower that’s large and powerful, or just want a compact and efficient option that gets small jobs done, this list is sure to have what you need. Scroll through to take a look at our top picks for the best leaf blowers for sale in 2021.


1. Makita Gas Handheld Leaf Blower


Use this handheld leaf blower to clear your driveway or yard with ease. It features a lightweight 9.8-pound design and has a 17.7-ounce tank for extended runtime. The high air volume of 356 CFM and 145 MPH airspeed offers efficiency and convenience for small and large jobs alike. With a low compression engine and large capacity muffle, this blower is easy to start and offers quieter operation than many of its counterparts.

Makita Gas Handheld Leaf Blower, best leaf blower Courtesy of Home Depot


2. Worx WG547 Cordless Turbine Blower


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty leaf blower like the kind used by professional landscapers, this ain’t it. However, for the average homeowner, this straightforward cordless leaf blower is an excellent option that will make fast work of autumn leaves. The Worx turbine leaf blower is cordless and electric, and it has two speed settings with a maximum of 75 mph. Best of all, it’s super lightweight, weighing in at under 5 pounds. With excellent customer reviews from Target shoppers and a $120 price tag, this one-handed electric leaf blower is a great option for most people.

Worx Leaf Blower Courtesy of Target

3. PowerSmart Cordless Handheld Turbo Blower


At less than $120 and a CFM of 350 and 85 MPH of blowing speed, this cordless handheld leaf blower is certainly a great value. It can easily blow leaves, small areas of snow and other small patches of debris. The lightweight compact design makes it simple to tote around while the push-button controls and quick-charging lithium-ion battery allow for simple operation.

PowerSmart Cordless Handheld Turbo Blower Courtesy of Home Depot


4. Champion Power Equipment Walk-Behind Gas Leaf Blower


This walk-behind blower offers a 160 MPH airflow and a volume of up to 1300 CFM that can be adjusted to suit your needs. The air duct can also be redirected to dispense air in three different positions. Great for commercial or home use, this gas-powered blower comes with a soft grip handle that prevents fatigue and a front wheel that locks or swivels at 360 degrees to smoothly tackle any job or terrain.

Champion gas leaf blower, best leaf blower Courtesy of Home Depot


5. WORX Leaf Blower 135 MPH


This powerful electric blower distributes 800 CFM and has a wind power of 135 MPH. The design allows you to adjust the output for better cleaning power and efficiency and a removable direct-stream air nozzle that helps you focus on the most important areas. Weighing less than 7 pounds, it is lightweight and easy to manage while the cord retainer keeps you connected to a power source at all times. In fact, WORX promises that this is the “most powerful electric leaf blower in the market,” yet despite all these features, this electric leaf blower costs under $100. (We couldn’t independently verify that this is the most powerful electric leaf blower for sale in 2021, but it does have impressive specs.)

That might all sound too good to be true, especially for a piece of equipment priced at $80. However, the vasty majority of reviewers at The Home Depot gave this blower a 5-star rating, and it has overall excellent reviews for its easy-to-use design, power and lightweight build.

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WORX Leaf Blower Courtesy of Home Depot


6. Echo PB-580T Backpack Leaf Blower


The ECHO gas leaf blower produces 517 CFM and 216 MPH of blowing power. It features a compact backpack design with vented pads for breathability and comfort. There’s a variable speed tube that allows you to adjust airflow as needed and a clear fuel container so you can see when it’s time to refill. Use this leaf blower to manage leaves, mowed grass, and other debris in and around your patio, driveway, and yard.

Echo PB-580T Backpack Leaf Blower Courtesy of Home Depot


7. Ryobi RY40440 Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower


This cordless leaf blower from Ryobi features a brushless battery-operated motor and comes with a maximum air volume rating of 625 CFM and an airspeed rating of 145 MPH. It weighs less than 22 pounds and has a 5 Ah 40 V Li-ion battery that allows it to run effortlessly for up to 30 minutes. The whisper-quiet RY40440 offers variable speed settings that provide better manipulation and control as you handle your outdoor cleaning tasks.

Ryobi RY40440 Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower Courtesy of Amazon


8. BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower


With a price point under $30, you can’t beat the value of this electric leaf blower. The lightweight design makes it simple to maneuver while the 180 MPH and 220 CFM offer great power for moving leaves and other debris. It additionally features built-in cord retention that keeps things plugged in properly as you work.

BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower, best leaf blower Courtesy of Amazon


9. Toro Electric Blower, Vacuum and Mulcher


Powerful, durable, and versatile, this three-in-one electric blower, vacuum, and mulcher will help you get your yard work done in a flash. It has an output of 260 MPH and a blower mode of 340 CFM to clear leaves and debris, and quickly converts with one switch to vacuum mulch and other remnants with ease. There’s a built-in cord lock that helps keep your cord and extension attached throughout use and it is easy to store and hang on any wall in between uses.

Toro Electric Blower, Vacuum and Mulcher Courtesy of Home Depot


10. Milwaukee Cordless Trimmer Kit with Fuel Blower


This leaf blower and trimmer combo handles yard duty in a snap. The cordless string trimmer comes with an edger, hedge trimmer and pole saw attachment. There’s also a blower with 450 CFM and 120 MPH output that clears things away when finished. The blower features come with high and low-speed settings for ultimate control.

Milwaukee Cordless Trimmer Kit with Fuel Blower Courtesy of Home Depot

11. Worx WG512 Leaf Blower & Vacuum


This leaf blower is actually a triple threat: in addition to blowing leaves, it can also act as a leaf vacuum and a mulcher. It’s an all-purpose yard tool that will make yard work that much easier, which is why it’s so hard to believe this tool only costs $110. Despite the low price tag, this product has earned more than 330 reviews from Target customers with a strong overall rating. This 12-amp electric leaf blower has more power than the typical blower and comes with a vacuum bag for conveniently gathering up leaves.

worx leaf blower and vacuum Courtesy of Target

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