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Take a Closer Look With These LED Illuminated Magnifying Glasses

Vision problems occur as you get older — it’s just a part of life. It almost seems safe to assume that many of us have vision issues ourselves or know someone who does — they’re that common. Your vision might require the aid of glasses, contact lenses or corrective surgery. Or, you might just need a little assistance here and there reading those pesky labels with the tiniest print known to man.

Whether it’s a particularly downsized part of the newspaper, the warning label on an over-the-counter medicine, or even an extremely detailed puzzle — sometimes you need the details blown up a little. An LED magnifying glass can help with that immensely both by magnifying and illuminating the minute particulars you’re trying to decipher yourself. This handy tool can be used at home or on the go to give you a crystal clear vision and understanding of what you’re looking at, so you can move forward with the knowledge you need. Here are some of our favorite LED magnifying glasses available to order online.

1. iMagniphy LED Illuminated Magnifying Glass

iMagniphy’s LED illuminated magnifying glass has two different lenses inside that combine to magnify your image 500x. They’re crystal-clear all-glass lenses that work together to give you the clearest and most-detailed vision possible. The glass has an ergonomic handle that’s comfortable and easy to hold, and it has a built-in energy efficient LED light that makes it even easier to see. Bring those hard to reach and read places to light with this handy tool that comes with its own cleaning cloth to keep it spick and span.

Pros: Dual-lenses that magnify 500x, ergonomic handle, powerful LED light that’s energy-efficient.

Cons: The battery compartment can be difficult to maneuver with less dexterous hands.

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2. AIXPI Magnifying Glass

This magnifying glass from AIXPI has 30x magnification and 12 LED lights built into it that brighten and enlarge your image to make it easier to see accurately. Give your eyes a break and make your reading experience that much better with this easy-to-use magnifying glass. It comes completely assembled and requires two double-A batteries to get started. It has a 4-inch polished acrylic lens that magnifies without distorting, and will make even the finest details much easier to see and take in.

Pros: High-power polished acrylic lens, easy to use, comes fully assembled, 30x magnification and 12 LEDs.

Cons: The magnification gets blurry very close to the edges of the lens.

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3. MagniPros 3X Magnifying Glass

This LED illuminated magnifying glass from MagniPros is designed to simulate and accommodate how one typically reads from left to right, enlarging larger amounts of text at a time so you don’t have to move and adjust as much. The lens is made of a crystal clear acrylic lens that’s optical-grade and more shatterproof and scratch-resistant than glass. It magnifies without optical distortion and it has ten energy-efficient LEDs that are long-lasting and dimmable to your exact preferences. The handle is ergonomic and lightweight, and it’s designed to last for more than 100,000 hours on three triple-A batteries.

Pros: Crystal clear lens, dimmable LEDs, magnifies up to 300%, lightweight and ergonomic handle.

Cons: The included storage bag wraps tightly around it, which may slide and turn on the light.

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4. MagniPros 3 Power Magnifying Glass

You can choose between three different levels of magnification with this MagniPros Magnifying Glass — 3X, 4.5X and 25X. It provides crystal clear vision without distorting and is made out of durable, unbreakable ABS. It has a lightweight, ergonomic handle that’s perfect for longer reading sessions where your hands won’t fatigue while holding it. It has three built-in, ultra-bright LEDs that are designed to last 25,000+ hours in an evenly lit area.

Pros: Three different magnification levels, crystal clear vision, made of durable materials and long-lasting LEDs.

Cons: Magnifying glass does not have an anti-reflective coating, so using it in a room with overhead lights may cause glare.

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5. iLumen8 Pocket Magnifying Glass

This pocket magnifying glass from iLumen8 is perfectly pocket-sized and enlarges small font or fine print anywhere. This magnifying glass enlarges by 300% and slides out, so the lens stays protected from scratches and other potential damage. The aspheric lens is designed so the whole thing is distortion-free and has 25% more viewing space than other standard magnifiers of its size. The bright built-in LED light turns on and off automatically and features an energy-efficient bulb. The whole thing runs on batteries that are included with your purchase, and the glass is small and lightweight so it’s comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

Pros: Small and portable, powerful lens, damage-free design, LEDs that automatically turn on and off.

Cons: Be careful when changing the batteries to avoid losing a tiny screw that’s needed to hold the compartment together.

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