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Give Your Cream and Cleanser Collection a Home of Their Own in a Skincare Fridge

The pursuit of healthy, glowing, clear, vibrant skin is a lifelong journey. Regular healthy habits like getting enough sleep, moderating alchol intake and drinking enough water help on this journey, and so does using high-quality skincare products. Using the best cleansers for men, the best men’s moisturizers, top-rated bb creams and splurging on a La Mer product or two will certainly get you most of the way there. However, it’s also crucial to make sure these products are in top top shape before slathering them all over your face on a daily basis.

Many skincare products have a shelf life of one to two years depending on when you open them, and most will last for two years unopened. That expensive, still-sealed moisturizer you’ve been too intimidated to try? It’s probably still good. In fact, most have a small number on the label — 12, 24, or 36 — that corresponds to how many months after opening you are safe to use them. Mind blown, right? You’ll know when it’s time to toss something — the ingredients will have separated, it’ll have a nasty smell and/or the texture and color will have changed dramatically. When it’s time to go, it’s time to go, but there are ways you can extend the shelf life of your favorite skincare products and cosmetics. One foolproof way is using a skincare fridge.

Many of us store our products in the bathroom, as that’s where they’re used most often. However, the bathroom can be prone to drastic temperature fluctuations, excessive heat and moisture — all of which are things that shorten the life of skincare products. It’s recommended that you keep your skincare products in a cold, dry place instead like a fridge. Here are the best skincare fridges for smart storage in 2021.

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1. AstroAI Mini Fridge


This mini skincare fridge from AstroAI is super highly rated and has an affordable price tag to match. It has a temperature range from 32°F all the way up to 150°F if needed. It has a capacity of four liters that can store up to six 12 oz cans and plenty of medication and skincare products. You can remove the inner shelves to create space flexibility for oddly sized cosmetics, breast milk and smaller food items. There are two AC/DC adapters that include an option for a standard wall outlet and a 12V cigarette lighter. The fridge also has an eco-friendly semiconductor design that’s freon-free and operates quietly at 25db max. It comes in five different bright colors, I personally love the white the best.

Pros: Large temperature range, eco-friendly conductor design, quiet motor.

Cons: Capacity isn’t as large as other skincare fridges.

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2. Cooluli Classic Compact Mini Fridge


This is another lightweight, compact, 4-liter mini skincare fridge that comes in a gorgeous black matte finish. The small size makes it perfect for storing skincare and cosmetics, and it’s got energy-efficient semiconductor technology that’s energy-efficient and quiet. AC and DC power chords are included for use indoors and outdoors, and it has a USB chord included for added flexibility. The cooling capacity fluctuates between 40-45°F and the heating capacity fluctuates between 122-144°F. This one also comes in a wide range of colors, and it’s got a handle on top for easy portability.

Pros: Easy to transport, variety of power chords and connections, organized storage inside.

Cons: This fridge does build up condensation in the cooler.

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3. COOSEON 6 Liter Mini Fridge


The first two options on this list have four liters of storage capacity, and this one has six, making it the ideal choice if you need a bit more room to store your extensive product collection. It weighs only five pounds and has a removable shelf if you need to storage larger bottles or oddly-sized items. This fridge is designed with makeup and cosmetics in mind, as it’s got a see-through door where you can view your products, and it’s got an LED-lit mirror door so you can do your makeup anywhere, even in a poorly-lit room. It’s 100% freon-free and eco-friendly, and easy to carry.

Pros: Included makeup mirror, LED lights, large storage capacity.

Cons: Due to its bigger size, it weighs a bit more than other options on this list.

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4. NXONE Mini Fridge


This mini skincare fridge is one of the best and least expensive options I found during my research, and yet it doesn’t sacrifice anything when it comes to storage capacity or quality of design. It has a small, compact, rounded design so it won’t take up too much space on your bathroom counter, and it has a quiet motor that won’t make too much noise anywhere you put it. It’s got two different plugs so it can get power from different types of adapters indoors and outdoors, and it has a convenient carrying handle so you can take it and your cosmetics anywhere you need to.

Pros: Convenient carrying handle, quiet operation, large storage capacity, affordable price.

Cons: Only comes in two different color options.

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5. Frigidaire Mini Portable Personal Fridge


I love the design of this retro fridge, and the fact that it’s miniature makes it even better. This bright, vibrant yellow retro fridge comes with a convenient, built-in handle so it’s easily portable and it has a speaker built inside so you can play tunes as you get ready with your favorite cosmetics. It has a 4L capacity, so not the biggest but certainly not small, and it’s adjustable in terms of storage structure and temperature. There’s a shelf inside you can easily remove and the temperature range goes from 32°F all the way up to 150°F. This fridge also, conveniently, doesn’t require any liquids or freon to run, and it can hold the temperature inside even while unplugged.

Pros: Cute retro design, easily portable, built-in speaker and large temperature range.

Cons: Smaller capacity than other skincare fridge options.

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6. Cooluli Concord Mini Fridge


If you’ve got a few extra bucks to spend and want to splurge on a home for your splurge-worthy cosmetics, this fridge from Cooluli is the way to go. It has a 20 liter capacity, so more than twice the size of all other options, and comes with digital temperature control. You might not need a fridge this big for skincare, but if you’re a pro who needs to store more products than the average person or own a small business, it’s a great choice. This large fridge only weighs 13 lbs, so it’s more difficult but not impossible to transport, and it has completely adjustable temperature control available on an easy-to-read display. It has a sleek glass-front design and an energy-efficient semiconductor built inside that’s eco-friendly and operates quietly.

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7. Chefman Mini Portable Fridge


Most of these skincare fridges, through being miniature, are portable. This one, however, is built extra micro and ready for transport with a handle up top and a truly tiny size. It has two different settings — cooling and heating, so you can set the exact temperature you like, and you can easily switch between the two modes with a simple switch. The compact size is perfect for storing up to six 12oz. cans, and plenty of creams, cleansers, balms and toners. There’s a removable shelf, and the motor is freon-free so you’re choosing an environmental benefit as well as a sturdy home for your skincare routine.

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8. WERSEON Portable Skincare Fridge


If your big problem with mini fridges is how much noise they make, I don’t blame you. They’re loud and buzzy and can definitely be annoying if you’re a sensitive sleeper. This one is built to be quiet, like the rest of them, and boasts a noise level of 25db, quieter than a whisper which tends to clock in at 30db. It’s perfect if your bathroom is close to where you sleep, your vanity is in your bedroom or you’re looking for a fridge for a kids room that needs to be quiet so your toddler can snooze. This one also has a 6L capacity and a mirror LED design on the front that can transform the front door into a mirror in seconds.

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9. Finishing Touch Flawless Mini Fridge


This adorable mini fridge from Finishing Touch is built compact with shelves built for smaller products like makeup compacts, creams, jade rollers, eyeshadow pallets and more. The fridge door has a basket on it where you can suspend rollers, stones, ice packs and other cooling facial tools, and it’s built set to an ideal temperature setting for helping organic products extend their consistency and shelf life. It only comes in this adorable white shade but the gold detailing adds some flair.

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