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Set a Productive Mood at Your Desk With One of These Soft Light Desk Lamps

Lighting is key in many different scenarios. Romantic dinner? Gotta set the mood with lighting. Staging a production at the big theater? Lighting is what makes the magic happen. If you’re planning to pull an all-nighter or frequently work nights at your desk, you’re also going to want a soft light desk lamp to set a productive mood and get you in the zone.

Do you think Hemingway produced the classics under harsh, blinding lights? No, he did it by soft candlelight that not only lit up his creative juices but helped him form the words on the lit up page with the greatest of ease. Give yourself that same boost with these soft light desk lamps that provide great lighting without being too bright.

1. Taotronics LED Desk Lamp

This LED desk lamp from Taotronics sets just the right mood for working, studying and reading. It’s got five different color modes and seven different brightness levels so you can adjust and modify at any time of day to your heart’s desire. It also has a functional USB charging port so your phone can stay at full charge and within reach while you’re working. You also have the freedom to swivel and tilt the head and base up and down, it has an energy efficient LED bulb for solid performance without sacrificing the environment.

Pros: Lots of color and brightness variability, USB charging, energy-efficient LED.

Cons: The touch controls can have a slow reaction.

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2. AUKEY Touch Sensor Table Lamp

This table lamp from AUKEY is touch-activated and has versatile, warm lighting that’s great for producing a relaxing background in an office, bedroom, living room or hallway. It has adaptable modes that you can toggle between from soft to moderate to bright warm light. This lamp also has an auto-cycle of colors that switches between red green and blue. You can set it to automatically move between them or settle on one. There control base is 360° touch so you can easily turn it on and off and switch between the different settings.

Pros: Relaxing warm lighting, three different brightness level modes, 360° touch on control base.

Cons: You have to cycle through all the brightness levels to turn the lamp off.

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3. Brightech Grace LED Bedside Table Lamp

This modernly designed lamp from Brightech matches well with a wide range of decor and has a power-saving LED light inside that produces warm, comfortable lighting. It has an extended open top design with a long shade and a 5×5 inch square base that it sits on top of. The base also has a USB port for charing your devices, and the advanced 3,000K warm white LED light will last for more than 20 years without overheating or burning out.

Pros: Modern, pleasing design, power-efficient LED bulb, warm and comfortable lighting.

Cons: The lamp is a bit lightweight.

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4. Boncoo Touch Control Lamp

This Boncoo touch lamp is small in stature but a powerful lighting device. It’s got four different settings low, medium, high and off and you can cycle between them. All it takes is one touch to turn it on and off so there’s no fumbling for the light switch in the middle of the night. The light has a wine glass shape and a metal black nickel base that’ll compliment most color schemes. The opal glass shade diffuses the light evenly to avoid eye strain, and it comes with a bulb included.

Pros: Mini size, aesthetically pleasing shape, diffuses the light, easy to turn on and off.

Cons: Smaller lamp only fits in certain spaces.

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5. iVict Clip On Reading Light

This LED clip lamp from iVict has three different lighting modes and 10 different brightness levels for a variety of reading styles. It’s made of high-quality 24 LED chips that have non-ghosting and non-flickering light to avoid eye fatigue and strain. It’s got a 360° flexible gooseneck that you can adjust and move around to your liking, and it’s USB powered, making it easy to plug in and keep with you. You can set it to automatically turn off after one minute if you’re almost done working, and the desk lamp automatically remembers the brightness setting during your last usage. The light is also eco-friendly, consuming 80% less power than traditional incandescent lights.

Pros: Strong LED light, energy-efficient, auto-off feature, may reduce eye strain.

Cons: The light is small.

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