Get Ready for the Winter Chill with One of the Best Space Heaters of 2020

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The best way to prepare for the chilly weather this year is by investing in a space heater. Sure to be your favorite new edition to the household, the best space heaters will keep you cozy even on the coldest of nights. As we head into winter, this is the ideal time of year to choose your new best friend and be ready for when the temperature really drops.

A space heater is exactly what it says in the name — a piece of equipment that can be used to heat the space around you (and sometimes cool it, too). Using the best space heaters rather than your full central heating system can allow you to save on your energy bill thanks to focusing on one key area in the house. 

Key features to look out for in electric space heaters include:

  • Thermostat – There are many different types of thermostats used on space heaters. The most adjustable is the digital style, as they can allow you to select your chosen temperature with the furthest detail. This can also lead to further savings on energy by not having it set hotter than you really need it.
  • Noise Level – Not all space heaters are quiet ones, but some are built specifically to operate at a low decibel level. Anything below 45db will be quiet enough for you to sleep through without a stir.
  • Oscillation – Depending on the space you’re looking to heat, you may want to cover a wider span of the room than what’s directly in front of the heater. The majority of the best electric space heater models available offer an oscillation motion for enhanced coverage.
  • Remote Control – You can often control the temperature of a space heater without even touching it thanks to the introduction of remote controls to most modern models.
  • Built-In Timer – Only want your space heater on for the next 30 mins? No problem. Many space heaters feature a built-in timer option.
  • Safety – It’s very important to check the safety features of a space heater and ensure that they’re kept at a distance from all other materials when used. 

There’s a huge range of space heaters available these days, covering all types of heating needs. Whether you’re looking to keep your feet warm while you’re working or even make your garage a comfortable place to be, there’s a space heater for you. Below we’ve put together a summary of the best space heaters out there to help you choose yours.


1. Lasko Ceramic Digital Display


For a sound choice, look no further than the Lasko Ceramic Space Heater. Available in three different sizes, this heater combines a metallic finish with advanced technology to enable you to set the desired temperature in your chosen space. Whether around the home with your family or in your office, it’s so important to be comfortable and warm. With the high and low heat settings on this space heater along with its adjustable thermostat, you can create your home sweet home at exactly the temperature you like.

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2. Brightown Portable Electric Space Heater


This small and mighty portable electric space heater has you covered in both the winter and the summer. It’s as simple as space heaters get, easy to use and complete with two settings for heat plus one for cool. Its small design makes it very portable and suitable for use anywhere in the house. Just be quick to buy yours. The affordable price on this heater means that it may not stay in stock for long.

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3. ALROCKET Personal Desk Space Heater


When you’re working away in the office and your hands and feet get a little chilly, it’s the ALROCKET Personal Space Heater that you need to warm you up. Its oscillating motion and two-second quick heating ensure you’ll be feeling the heat quicker than you can type ‘hot.’ Complete with a convenient carrying handle on the back, you can move this space heater around easily. Plus, with its unique, fashionable appearance, why wouldn’t you want to show it off?

ALROCKET Personal Desk Space Heater, one of the best space heaters Image courtesy of Amazon


4. KoolaMo Oscillating Adjustable Space Heater


This KoolaMo Oscillating Space Heater is focused on heating quickly with minimal noise. What more could you ask for from a space heater? Boasting 70 degrees oscillating movement and operation at just 45db, you can be sure that the area this electric space heater around will be full of hot air and you won’t be interrupted by any noise. Even the sound of people whispering would be louder than this space heater.

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5. Taotronis Electric Portable Oscillating Space Heater


Having a warm home or office doesn’t need to break the bank. With the Taotronics oscillating and fast heating space heater, you can increase the temperature of any reasonable area quickly and easily. TaoTronic is committed to fast and efficient heating so that you notice the difference as soon as you switch your appliance on. With the click of a button from the handy remote, you can transform the space around you from cold to warm.

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6. Aikoper Radiator Space Heater


There’s something quite charming about a traditional radiator-style space heater. It really gives a blast from the past and a blast of heat all in one. You can clearly see the set temperature on the large LED display and control it from afar with the minimalist remote. An extra plus to this digital feature is the ability to control the temperature range by one-degree intervals. This means you can lower your heating bills by setting the thermostat exactly where needed and not even slightly over.

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7. Mr Heater Portable Propane Radiant Heater


Let this space heater be your warming buddy, whether inside, outside or on the move. Ready to tackle even the lowest of temperatures, this heavy-duty portable propane radiant heater is nearly 100% efficient and is available in red and black or grey. Although small in size, Mr Heater can cater to spaces of up to 225 square feet and is no doubt the piece of gear you want closest for a night out under the stars.

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8. Dyson Pure Cool Purifier Space Heater


The future is here. The future is the Dyson Air Purifier & Space Heater. A space heater that has been certified as asthma and allergy-friendly, this device is designed for those who struggle with traditional space heaters. The air purifier can blow both hot or cold air for temperature control that actually makes your home a healthier place to live. In addition, this heater boasts WiFi, so you can control it with your smartphone or digital assistant. Say goodbye to stagnant air and smells with this glimpse into where technology is heading.

best space heaters dyson pure hot Image courtesy of Amazon


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