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The Best Stick Vacuums for Convenient Cleaning

Even if you don’t have any pets and you keep a tidy home, you’re still going to find dust in corners and under furniture. That’s why it’s essential to have a reliable vacuum cleaner. Whether you have hardwood or carpeting, a vacuum is a worthwhile investment. Vacuums tend to be more effective than brooms at cleaning floors. In fact, sweeping and dusting can push dust into the air, where it either lingers or falls back to the floor.

What To Consider Before Buying

There are many types of vacuums, including canister, upright, handheld and stick. The kind you choose largely comes down to need. Upright and canister vacuums are unbeatable in terms of power, but they’re bulky and can be challenging to clean. Handheld vacuums are great for your desk, car and furniture, but you wouldn’t use them to clean your floor. In some ways, stick vacuums hit the sweet spot.

The Benefits of Stick Vacuums

These lightweight vacuums are similar to upright vacuums, but they have long, narrow bodies, hence their name. The maneuverability and compact size of upright vacuums make them easy to use and store, while still allowing you to clean the floor without kneeling. A stick vacuum won’t be able to compete with an upright vacuum in terms of power, so if you have high-pile carpets or pets, you’re better off sticking with the latter. But for hardwood floors and low-pile rugs, a stick vacuum is an easy and convenient way to clean your floors. We’ve rounded up the best stick vacuums to buy right now. Most of these options also convert into handheld vacuums, too, for even greater convenience.

1. Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

It’s never a surprise to see a Dyson at the top of the list for stick vacuums. Tremendous power, state-of-the-art purifying technology to capture particles as tiny as bacteria and allergens, outstanding run time, and ergonomically pleasing design have long been hallmarks of Dyson’s vacuums, and the new V11 Torque Drive Cordless is no exception. The V11 also has an updated cleaner head with more torque, intelligent cleaning modes which automatically change between carpets and hard floors, and an LCD screen to show you remaining run time and current performance.

Pros: Tremendous power, intelligent cleaning modes, great battery life. Top of the line.

Cons: Expensive.


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2. Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum

Bissell’s stick vacuum is an affordable option that’s packed with versatile features. It functions as a stand-up vacuum for cleaning the floors, but you can convert it into a handheld vacuum for furniture or a stair vacuum. It’s also a breezy 2.3 pounds, so it’s easy to move around. The bagless canister is easy to clean, too — simply remove the filter and dump the contents into the trash. The vacuum comes in blue, black, purple and lime.

Pros: Very lightweight. Has three different modes, including a handheld mode, a low-profile stair mode and regular upright mode. Easy-to-empty canister.

Cons: Not ideal for carpets. The 15-foot cord is not as long as some that have a 20-foot cord.

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3. EUREKA RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless

The word “stick” doesn’t usually conjure images of flexibility, but Eureka’s RapidClean Pro is a master at getting at those hard-to-reach spots in every house. The dust cup is on the back of the handle, which allows you to lay the RapidClean Pro flat to get under beds and other furniture, and the bright LED headlights let you see those dust bunnies before they get sucked up. Another neat feature — the Easy Rest nook on the back of the handle which allows you to stand it against a counter or table without worrying about it falling over.

Pros: Lays flat, and swivel head helps to reach more areas than may stick vacuums. LED headlights, good 40 minute run time.

Cons: Lacks power for thicker carpets and rugs, long charge time.

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4. Dirt Devil Power Express Lite Stick Vacuum

Cordless vacuums are great, but they’re not without their drawbacks, namely: the steep cost and the need to recharge. If you want a convenient and lightweight corded vacuum, the Power Express Lite from Dirt Devil is a solid option. It’s super lightweight, and it has an easy-to-clean canister and washable filter. Plus, by detaching the head and the handle, you can convert this vacuum into a handheld unit for furniture, bookshelves, and hard to reach areas.

Pros: Affordable, easily converts into a handheld unit. Washable filter and easy to empty canister. One of the lightest options on this list. Dog hair attachment.

Cons: Loud, considering its size and power.

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