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Never Burn Your Bread Again Thanks to The Best Toasters

Is there a more practical and easily prepared breakfast than a piece of toast? If there is, we certainly don’t know about it. This versatile, healthy (with the right bread choice) and fast choice is a daily staple of millions of people across the world. It’s perhaps unsurprising that for most people, choosing the best toaster is one of the most important decisions when buying appliances for kitchen counters.

When you’re shopping for the best toasters for your household, there are a few criteria to think about. Firstly, you need to consider bread capacity. How many people in your household want toast each morning? For single person or smaller households, a two-slice toaster will likely suffice, while a four-slice toaster is probably a better idea for busier, family households.

Another aspect to take into account is your preference in terms of toasting intensity. Different toasters provide varying control over the toastiness and type of bread they can toast, so make sure your choice fits your breakfast routine.

When selecting the best toasters, we considered a range of factors including price, performance, ease of use, ease of cleaning, capacity and style. With these factors in mind, you’ll find the best toasters available below, from versatile toaster ovens to basic two-slice workhorses.

1. Oster 2 Slice Toaster, Brushed Stainless Steel

Oster makes many affordable kitchen tools, like this simple no-frills toaster. It has a rounded shape, giving it something of a retro look, but the satin stainless steel finish means it’ll look at home in any modern kitchen. The toaster has two extra-wide slots for toasting everything from sliced bread to thick bagels, and there are four clearly labeled presets for easy toasting. Plus, a rotating knob makes for easy customization, whether you prefer your bread barely done or burnt to a crisp.

Pros: Removable crumb tray and seven shade settings, plus four presets. Cool-touch exterior makes it safe around the family.

Cons: Occasionally uneven results.

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2. Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven

This might seem like a steep price for a toaster oven, and it would be if not for the extra features this toaster has. Not only will it toast your bagel to perfect crispness, but it also doubles as an air fryer, so you can prepare fried chicken or french fries, too. The four knobs at the top of the toaster allow you to set temperature, time and function. The pull out tray makes for easy cleanup, and a fryer rack and baking pan are included. It might be an unconventional pick, but this appliance outperforms the best toasters for sale today.

Pros: Easy-to-use multifunction appliance. Generous interior size allows you to cook for multiple people.

Cons: Can’t fine-tune settings with the manual twist-knobs.

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3. Smeg 2 Slice Toaster, Pastel Green

The idea of a toaster that you would take a picture of and post on social media might seem ridiculous, until you see how aesthetically pleasing the offerings of SMEG are. It has a rounded shape and comes in a variety of tasteful pastel colors, giving it a distinctly retro look. It’s also very simple to operate; there’s a dial for setting how dark you want your toast to be, and there are three pre-set programs for reheating, defrosting and bagels.

Pros: Stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Six browning levels and three presets.

Cons: Expensive considering the basic functionality.

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4. BLACK+DECKER Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

Sometimes, the best toasters don’t look like your traditional countertop toaster. For a straightforward and simple toaster oven, consider this option from the power-tool brand Black + Decker. It has a wide interior that allows you to prepare larger amounts of food, and the knobs on the side allow you to set the temperature, timer and toast settings. It features convection-style heating, making for more even results. The removable crumb tray at the bottom makes for easier cleaning.

Pros: Multiple settings for easier and more even heating. Wide size for cooking larger amounts of food.

Cons: Takes up a large amount of counter space.

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5. CUSIBOX Four-Slice Toaster

If you have four or more mouths to feed, or if you really love toast, then you’re going to want a toaster capable of producing four slices of toast per round. In the CUSIBOX Four-Slice Toaster, you’ll get exactly that. It offers two independently controlled sides, allowing you to produce toast of different levels of toastiness for every member of the family, something even the best toasters don’t offer. The attractive toaster also sports a stainless steel finish which comes in a range of different color combinations, including blue, black and silver. Furthermore, the two removable trays make post-use cleanup especially easy.

PROS: The mix of design and four-slice capacity is hard to beat for anyone in search of style and quantity of toast.

CONS: The toaster’s large size takes up a significant amount of countertop space which isn’t ideal for households without space to spare.

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6. Sencor 2-Slot Toasters

The pastel-colored toasters from Sencor are popular with foodies and influencers who like to show off their culinary creations on social media. Customers can choose from seven fun pastel colors to ensure their new toaster perfectly matches their kitchen decor. This compact 2-slice toaster doesn’t take up much space on your countertop, and the dials and cancel button are reliable and easy to use. That being said, the toasting results can be uneven, especially with the lighter settings. If you’re looking for the best toasters and don’t care about design, this isn’t the toaster you’re looking for.

Pros: Attractive pastel colors. Small size and user-friendly design.

Cons: Users will have to squeeze large bread slices into the slots, which are too small for some bread. Uneven results.

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7. LOFTer Two-Slice Toaster

The LOFTer Two-Slice Toaster sports a beautiful, stainless steel finish which adds a touch of style to any modern kitchen interior. It includes a built-in warming rack and has 1.5-inch slots, so it can fit all bread sizes and shapes. The toaster also boasts a removable crumb tray and a bottom grove for storing the cord in a neat and orderly fashion. You can choose between six different time settings when using the device, and you can further control the toasting action with the defrost, reheat and cancel buttons.

PROS: The built-in warming rack makes it especially easy to warm croissants, bagels and other types of bread.

CONS: The six browning settings are more limited than some competing options.

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