Never Burn Your Bread Again Thanks to These Excellent (and Good-looking) Toasters

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Is there a more practical and easily prepared breakfast than a piece of toast? If there is, we certainly don’t know about it. This versatile, healthy (with the right bread choice) and fast choice is a daily staple of millions of people across the world. It’s perhaps unsurprising that for most people, choosing the best toaster possible is one of the most important decisions when buying appliances for kitchen counters.

When it comes to deciding on the best toaster for your household, there are a few criteria to think about. Firstly, you need to consider bread capacity. How many people in your household want toast each morning? For single person or smaller households, a two-slice toaster will likely suffice, while a four-slice toaster is probably a better idea for busier, family households.

Another aspect to take into account is your preference in terms of toasting intensity. Different toasters provide varying control over the toastiness and type of bread they can toast, so make sure your choice fits your breakfast routine.

Below you’ll find seven of the best toasters available. There are styles for all types of interiors as well as models which toast bagels, write on your bread and lower and lift toast automatically.


1. ONSON Two-Slice Toaster

The ONSON Two-Slice Toaster provides all the toasting functions you could want in a household toasting device. It features a two-slice capacity and includes a detachable bread crumb tray for easy cleaning after use. You’ll also find a bracket on the bottom for storing the excess power cord for a clutter-free kitchen surface. Function-wise, the toaster offers five different toast settings, as well as buttons for bagels, defrosting and cancelling the toasting process. In addition, the toaster includes a bread rack for warming up things like baguettes, bagels and waffles.

PROS: The five different time settings ensure you get the level of toasting you like best.

CONS: A two-slice capacity may not be enough for larger households with impatient inhabitants.

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2. Keenstone Two-Slice Toaster

With a two-piece capacity, a range of intensity settings and an attractive retro design, the Keenstone Two-Slice Toaster has everything the average person requires from a toaster. You’ll find a button for defrosting, toasting bagels and cancelling as well as a dial which lets you choose how toasted you want your bread. Options on the dial range from 79 to 239 seconds for both bread and bagels. The 825-watt toaster features a classy stainless steel housing and comes in either beige or eggshell blue color options.

PROS: The retro design and two color choices make this a stylish addition to any kitchen interior.

CONS: For a two-slice toaster, the counter footprint of this device is larger than you might expect.

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3. Cuisinart Compact Four-Slice Toaster

The Cuisinart Compact Toaster is a solid option for families and households in search of a four-slice toaster. The two sides toast independently, which allows you to produce pieces of toast of varying intensities during each round of toasting. Furthermore, you can choose between seven different toast settings and stop the process at anytime using the cancel button. Plus, the slots are 1.5 inches wide to facilitate most sizes of bread, and the slide out crumb tray makes the post-toasting clean up especially easy.

PROS: The two independent two-piece toasters allow you cater to different preferences while creating four pieces of toast per round.

CONS: The simple design may be a little bit too clunky and functional-looking for some tastes.

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4. LOFTer Two-Slice Toaster

The LOFTer Two-Slice Toaster sports a beautiful, stainless steel finish which adds a touch of style to any modern kitchen interior. It includes a built-in warming rack and has 1.5-inch slots, so it can fit all bread sizes and shapes. The toaster also boasts a removable crumb tray and a bottom grove for storing the cord in a neat and orderly fashion. You can choose between six different time settings when using the device, and you can further control the toasting action with the defrost, reheat and cancel buttons.

PROS: The built-in warming rack makes it especially easy to warm croissants, bagels and other types of bread.

CONS: The six browning settings are more limited than some competing options.

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5. Uncanny Brands Star Wars Two-Slice Toaster

If the Jedi and Sith enjoy eating toast, you can only imagine they would choose to use this Uncanny Brands Star Wars Two-Slice Toaster. It’s a must-have for any true Star Wars fan, as the toaster itself is shaped just like Darth Vader’s famous helmet. You’ll also find a dial on the back which lets you choose between creating light-sided toast and dark-sided toast. Plus, the design includes a cancel button, and, perhaps best of all, the toaster prints the Star Wars logo on each piece of bread toasted.

PROS: For Star Wars fans, there’s no better way to toast your bread thanks to the shape of the toaster and its ability to print the Star Wars logo on each piece of bread.

CONS: The limited amount of control may eventually be too limiting for some users.

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6. CUSIBOX Four-Slice Toaster

If you have four or more mouths to feed, you’re going to want a toaster capable of producing four slices of toast per round. In the CUSIBOX Four-Slice Toaster, you’ll get exactly that. It offers two independently controlled sides, allowing you to produce toast of different levels of toastiness for every member of the family. The attractive toaster also sports a stainless steel finish which comes in a range of different color combinations, including blue, black and silver. Furthermore, the two removable trays make post-use cleanup especially easy.

PROS: The mix of design and four-slice capacity is hard to beat for anyone in search of style and quantity of toast.

CONS: The toaster’s large size takes up a significant amount of countertop space which isn’t ideal for households without space to spare.

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7. Breville Die-Cast Two-Slice Smart Toaster

The Breville Die-Cast Two-Slice Smart Toaster boasts a beautiful stainless steel finish, making it a stylish addition to any modern kitchen interior. The 900-watt device features intelligent, one-touch auto lowering as well as a toasting progress LED indicator for a more advanced toasting experience than ever before. In addition, the five button settings built into the toaster allow you to defrost and toast bagels as well as other bread types. There are also the less familiar but still fun ‘A Bit More’ and ‘Lift & Look’ buttons.

PROS: The ‘A Bit More’ and ‘Lift & Look’ buttons are unique and give this advanced toaster an intuitive feel.

CONS: For a two-slice toaster, this toaster’s size is bigger than many competitors.

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