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best window air conditioners
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Like getting too cold in the winter, getting too warm in the summer is no fun. Luckily, the fix to this problem is simple — air conditioning. However, if you’re not ready to spend thousands of dollars installing a central system in your home, or you simply want a temporary option for only the warmest months of the year, consider investing in one of the best window air conditioners.

A window air conditioner can be installed in most average-sized windows, without the need for professional help. They can also be permanently or temporarily installed, depending on your needs, and these devices come in a range of sizes, ensuring there’s an option for every room.

The Benefits of Using a Window Air Conditioner

There’s more than one reason to install one of the best window air conditioners in your home. Here are a few of the most compelling reasons: 

Budget-Friendly – Not only do these devices boast a low price tag and DIY installation, but you can also choose to run them only when you need them in order to minimize energy bills.

Easy Installation – Compared to permanent systems, which are integrated into your home, installing a window air conditioner is simple. And, depending on your seasonal needs, one can be installed and then removed when the weather turns cooler.

Supplementary Cooling – Rather than paying a hefty electric bill to cool your whole home, window air conditioners allow you to target bedrooms, offices or any room in your home with a window. 

Portable – While not the most comfortable devices to move from room to room or place to place, window air conditioners are still classed as portable when compared to centrally installed systems. This makes it possible to change rooms, or even homes, and take your targeted air cooling with you when you move.

Floor Space – Compared to portable air conditioners, window air conditioners take up no space at all. This is pretty handy for hot homes where floor space is at a premium.

What Does BTU Stand For?

When shopping for one of the best window air conditioners, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re looking at. One of the most important values given with each cooling device is the BTU number. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and offers an insight into how powerful the device is. When it comes to window air conditioners, this number usually falls between 6,000 and 24,500, with each value corresponding to a room size which it’s capable of cooling.

Below, you’ll find our top 10 picks for the best window air conditioners available online. We’ve got models for all room sizes as well as smart devices and even some available for under $200.


1. Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner


The Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner is a modern device for modern times. It’s available in either an 8,000, 10,000 and 12,000 BTU model and sports a smart, U-shaped design that is easy to place. This shape also allows for easy window opening on days when you’d prefer fresh air. The advanced DC Inverter technology keeps energy costs low, and this Midea model is capable of running at only 42dB (about library quiet), making it one of the quietest units available. Furthermore, the unit includes WiFi connectivity, which means smartphone and voice control is possible. Midea made sure this air conditioner is compatible with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

midea u inverter window air conditioner, best window air conditioners Image courtesy of Amazon

Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner



2. Frigidaire Window Air Conditioner


At under $170, this Frigidaire Window Air Conditioner is a budget-friendly answer to keeping rooms up to 150-feet cool. Ideal for bedrooms, offices or any other small room in your home, the user-friendly, 5,000 BTU device offers two different fan speeds and features two individual dials on the front for controlling the mode and the temperature. The air conditioner also includes washable, easy-to-clean filters, an extra-long power cord and SpaceWise adjustable side panels for a snug and secure fit in your window frames.

frigidaire window air conditioner, best window air conditioners Image courtesy of Walmart

Frigidaire Window Air Conditioner



3. LG Window Air Conditioner


The LG Window Air Conditioner is really whatever you want it to be. It comes in a range of different BTU ratings, from 5000 to 24,500. It also boasts choices with either mechanical or electrical controls and with optional WiFi connectivity, should you wish. Plus, for a more secure fitting, you can choose to include an additional support brace during purchase. The device sports a modern design to suit modern home interiors and runs at a pleasantly quiet 50dB.

lg window air conditioner Image courtesy of Amazon

LG Window Air Conditioner



4. MIDEA Window Air Conditioner


With over 4,000 five-star ratings, the MIDEA MAW05M1BWT Window Air Conditioner is a tried-and-tested way to achieve a cooler room. The device design includes front-mounted, temperature and cooling mode dials as well as easy-to-clean and reusable filters. It also fits in windows between 23 and 26 inches wide. Furthermore, this air conditioner comes supplied with everything you need for in-window fitting, and it’s available in higher BTU models, all the way up to 12,000, should this one not be powerful enough for your needs.

midea maw05m1bwt air conditioner Image courtesy of Amazon

MIDEA Window Air Conditioner

$159.00 $169.00 6% OFF


5. TOSOT Window Air Conditioner


The TOSOT Window Air Conditioner boasts an 8,000 BTU rating for cooling rooms up to 350 square feet. It incorporates an advanced, light-touch control panel and houses reusable, easily cleaned filters for a user-friendly experience. The device is supplied with a remote, which lets you control the power, temperature, cooling mode and fan swing from a distance. In addition, you can use this air conditioner in a fan-only or dehumidifying mode, too.

tosot air conditioner Image courtesy of Amazon

TOSOT Window Air Conditioner

$265.46 $299.99 12% OFF


6. General Electric GE Smart Window Air Conditioner


Unlike the majority of window-mounted air conditioning units, the General Electric GE Smart Window Air Conditioner comes in a black option as well as the more traditional white color. The 10,000 BTU unit can cover areas up to 450 square feet and includes lift-out filters, a long, 72-inch power cord and four-way adjustable airflow. Perhaps best of all, this device boasts WiFi connectivity which allows you to schedule, monitor and generally control your device using the GE Appliances app on your smartphone.

general electric air conditioner Image courtesy of Walmart

General Electric GE Smart Window Air Conditioner



7. hOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner


With a 10,000 BTU rating, the hOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner is ideal for rooms up to 450 square feet in size. It’s Energy Star certified to help keep running costs low, while a designated sleep mode lowers lights and energy output for a quieter, darker sleeping environment. You’ll also find a handy remote control included with the device, which lets you set the timer, adjust the fan speed, change the cooling mode and more. In addition, the air conditioner includes a flexible mount for easier installation and comes in a 12,000 BTU model for rooms up to 550 square feet in size, should you need a larger area cooled.

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homelabs best window air conditioner Image courtesy of Amazon

hOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner

$349.97 $399.99 13% OFF


8. Frigidaire Energy Star Window-Mounted Air Conditioner


The Frigidaire Energy Star FFRE123ZA1 Window-Mounted Air Conditioner makes things simple by allowing you to schedule your air conditioning using the programmable, 24-hour timer. This function is ideal for returning to a pre-cooled home from work or when you wake up. The design includes easy-to-clean filters and offers three different fan speeds for greater comfort during use. The device is also Energy Star certified to indicate the fact that it uses less power, resulting in lower energy bills for users.

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best window air conditioner frigidaire ffre123za1 Image courtesy of Walmart

Frigidaire Energy Star Window Mounted Air Conditioner



9. LG Electronics Smart Window Air Conditioner


If the idea of controlling your air conditioning device with your voice alone is an appealing prospect, this LG Electronics Smart Window Air Conditioner could be the right choice for you. Using your local WiFi connection, you’ll be able to control your device with a smartphone or a voice-controlled device (Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa). Alternatively, you can just use the standard remote control which is supplied with every purchase. The device boasts ultra-quiet, LoDecibel operation, which runs at only 44dB, while the DUAL inverter tech can save you up to 25% off energy bills compared to other, energy-heavy devices.

best window air conditioner lg electronics, best window air conditioners Image courtesy of The Home Depot

LG Electronics Smart Air Conditioner



10. FrigidaireWindow Air Conditioner


If where you live gets as cold as it gets hot, it might be prudent to invest in a device that can help you in both situations. The FrigidaireWindow Air Conditioner is a 25,000 BTU device that offers both cooling and heating options. It’s capable of covering areas up to 1672 square feet of space, making it ideal for homes and offices alike. It can also function as a dehumidifier and lets you choose from three cooling speeds, three heating speeds and three fan speeds. It’s also supplied with a window-mounting kit for added convenience. However, it’s important to note this is a 230-volt device, so standard 115V outlets will not suffice.

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best window air conditioner frigidaire, best window air conditioners Image courtesy of The Home Depot

FrigidaireWindow Air Conditioner



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