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Reviewed: Meet the New Single-Serve Coffee Machine Had Me Throw Out My Keurig

I’ve been a fan of the best Keurig coffee makers but for one reason and one reason only — they’re convenient. I’ve never been wowed by the taste, and after testing a number of Keurig coffee makers in my time, I’ve come to personally decide that the K-Supreme Plus SMART is the only unit worth buying due to its performance level.

Anything else? Not necessarily for me. Nonetheless, I’ve stayed a brand loyalist to Keurig simply because I hadn’t found anything better.

That’s why when I initially heard about the all-new single-cup coffee maker Bruvi, I was extremely skeptical. If the single-cup coffee-making brand couldn’t perfect the artistry of single-cup coffee-making, how could a brand I’d never heard of take the cake?

Come to find out, Bruvi didn’t take the cake. Bruvi took the whole damn bakery. I’ve been making the best cups of coffee that I’ve ever made from home. So much so that I’m feeling confident enough to walk into my local Starbucks and apply for a job.

I have a solid feeling Bruvi is going to be a name you’re going to hear about more and more frequently. Read my whole review below and find out why. Move over, Keurig; there’s a new sheriff in town — and her name is Bruvi.

Courtesy of Bruvi


  • High tech design
  • Delicious taste
  • Multiple functions
  • Coffee & espresso machine
  • Eco-friendly pods


  • Heavy
  • Pods and brewer only available online

Setting Up Bruvi

This might seem dumb, but I’m typically the kind of person that tries to set items up without instructions because they typically tend to confuse me rather than help. Nine times out of ten, I will have to look at the instructions in the end, but this wasn’t the case at all when it comes to this brewer.

Once plugged in, the brewer takes note that it must go through one cleaning cycle before any brewing to get any dust particles and dirt that might have accumulated during transit out of the machine. Buttons needed to press for this process will automatically light up; simply put a cup underneath the brewer without a pod and let the machine do its magic. Any other “setting up” is done for you already. Just simply fill the water tank with water, pop in a B-pod (yes, that’s what the pods are called) of your liking, and you’re ready to go.

Brewing With the Bruvi

The Bruvi is so easy to maneuver that a child can figure it out. That said, be careful — your kiddo might get a little too curious. When purchasing the Bruvi bundle, folks can expect a variety box of coffee flavors and espresso options. The box will contain 16 coffee B-pods and four espresso B-pods to play around with. Simply pick your choice, slide open the top of the machine using the handle at the front, and place the B-pod in lying on its side with the top facing you.

On the touch display on the right side of the machine, the Bruvi will then recognize what you placed inside, whether it be a coffee or espresso pod. Here, Bruvi can auto-adjust seven different brew parameters and hundreds of combinations for the perfect brew. In addition, whichever pod you place in will affect what you’ll see on the touch display. Espresso will show different options than coffee.

Reviwer selecting the “stronger” option on the Bruvi. Tyler Schoeber | SPY

Here, users can decide from a number of different display options to create their perfect cup. Choose your ideal size ranging from 6 oz to 12 oz, the Goldilocks temperature made for you, whether or not you want the coffee cold brewed or iced, the option to go with a low acid cup, and more.

I’ve personally tried each flavor in the variety pack so far and cannot pick a favorite. Every pod is brewed to perfection, so much so that I’m finding it borderline impossible that I’m actually the one making it. Nothing tastes watered down, coffee is exceptionally flavorful and even the iced and cold brew options work effortlessly well — something I’ve never seen possible in any single-brew alternative.

For the past couple of years, I’ve told my friends, “I don’t make iced coffee at home because it never tastes right.” Iced coffee and cold brew, for me, have been something I’d consistently buy out. A splurge, if you will. In the long run, I fully believe Bruvi is going to save me so much money because I can finally make iced coffee that actually tastes like a professional barista made it. Prior to Bruvi, I’d never even had the desire to even try making an iced latte. Now, I’ve had one almost every day since I’ve owned Bruvi and it’s put every local coffee shop to shame. Bruvi has turned me into the best barista in my neighborhood by far.

Bruvi’s Unique Qualities

Bruvi is the type of coffee machine that has genuinely had me wondering — how? I simply don’t get it. In a world where all single-serve coffee machines are referred to as “Keurigs” the same way, we call all lip balms “Chapstick,” how is this under-the-radar brand crushing the OG that started single-brewery? I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because Bruvi is updated in a way that Keurig simply isn’t.

First and foremost, the user experience is impeccable. My favorite part of my favorite Keurig mentioned above is its smart user experience, but Bruvi’s is simply unmatched. It has a sleek design, an incredible display; it even holds older B-pods in a chamber behind the coffee machine, so you don’t have to constantly take the pod out whenever you want to make a new cup of coffee.

Reviewer placing a B-pod into the Bruvi. Tyler Schoeber | SPY

In addition, Bruvi uses a hygienic brew that ensures no coffee is touching the inside of your maker. This means no extra cleaning that no one wants to do and zero cross-contamination from yesterday’s brew. Coffee is better, stronger, hotter, colder, and more robust than Keurig, too, due to Bruvi’s high-tech 20 stream saturation, which builds the perfect cup for you. It might seem like a load of bull, but one taste and you’ll believe otherwise.

Unlike Keurig, Bruvi also uses 40% more coffee in each pod. Room for more coffee allows for a stronger cup and fewer materials used in the pod. Let’s talk about those materials, shall we? These pods are designed to be thrown in the trash and never thought of again, even if you’re the eco-friendly type. This is because, unlike plastic pods or even compostable pods, B-pods have the power to break down on themselves over a few years without leaving any microplastics behind. A better brew that’s better for the environment, what more could you love?

If you’re feeling ultra-techy, the Bruvi can connect to your smartphone as well. This is something I haven’t tried because, personally, I have no more storage in my phone to download another app, but I’m sure it’s great for folks that don’t digitally hoard as I do.

Verdict: Should You Buy the Bruvi Coffee Maker?

Yes, you should buy the Bruvi Coffee Maker. You should buy your parents the Bruvi Coffee Maker; your significant other the Bruvi Coffee Maker; your boss the Bruvi Coffee Maker, and the list goes on. This is the greatest coffee maker for any modern-day coffee drinker. It’s a coffee maker that surpasses generational gaps, instilling its necessity in kitchens owned by boomers and zoomers alike.

Keurig, it’s been an excellent run, and I still love you, but from now on, you can consider me a Bruvi boy. Pick up yours below and change how you make coffee at home forever.

Courtesy of Bruvi

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