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The CHI Garment Steamer Bag Makes a Strong Case for Ditching Your Iron Altogether

Even if you have on the world’s best outfit, you’re always going to look subpar if you’re all wrinkled and look like you just stepped out of the backseat of a tiny two-door. But let’s be real — ironing can be very time-consuming, and no matter what, shirts never seem to look crisp as they did when they’re straight from the dry cleaner.

The other option? Hanging your dress shirt in the bathroom and hoping the shower steam speedily takes out the wrinkles so you can rush off to work.

If you’re thinking there’s gotta be a better solution, well, you’re right. The name of the game is CHI… and no, we’re not talking about your girlfriend’s hair straightener.

CHI’s Easy Steam Garment Steamer is the first product of its kind, taking the hassle out of having to break out the iron or steamer and manually go over each individual wrinkle. Instead, you just place a shirt into the provided bag and then hang it from a door, shower curtain rod, or even in a closet. Then remove the included water reservoir at the bottom of the bag, fill it up with tap water and replace it, then hang your dress shirt or pants and zip the bag shut. Once you plug in the unit and press “on” it begins to steam, filling with water and knocking out those pesky wrinkles in a matter of minutes.

The cool thing is you can actually keep getting ready — making coffee, or putting the finishing touches on your hair — all while your clothes are getting freshly steamed.

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The editors took this bag home for the weekend and put it to work on several men’s dress shirts. Per the CHI garment steamer instructions, this steamer should get wrinkles out of dress shirts in under two minutes flat. Unfortunately, it took closer to five to six minutes per dress shirt to really tackle wrinkles, but we gotta say the ease-of-use is the biggest plus with this product.

It’s especially worth it if you’re not a morning person and don’t usually have the time to iron. The other benefit of the CHI steamer? It’s very easy to store as it collapses after use, making it perfect for those living in big cities where space is at a premium.