These Coffee Machines Feature Built-In Grinders to Deliver Fresher, More Flavor-Filled Cups of Coffee

coffee machine with grinder
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Every coffee lover needs a home coffee machine, and the only way to make real coffee at home is with a machine complete with a grinder. That way you can always use the freshest whole bean coffee. Capsules don’t come close, and pre-ground coffee just isn’t as fresh. For the best homebrew, get yourself a coffee machine with a grinder. 

Grinding your beans right before brewing your coffee is the best way to produce a flavorsome cup of home-brewed coffee. By doing so, the time between tasks is kept to an absolute minimum, which results in better aromas and fuller-bodied flavors. The richness of your coffee is kept at its best when you have a grinder at hand. 

The two most popular types of grinder suitable for home use are the burr grinder and the bladed grinder. A burr grinder is considered better in quality by far, but a blended grinder is generally more cost-friendly. They also have differences in how they operate as explained here: 

  • Burr – This type of grinder takes its name from the two rotating discs which it uses to grind the coffee. This method of grinding can be controlled to produce a range of consistencies from coarse to fine. They’re also the best when it comes to grinding consistency, as they’re designed to produce ground coffee in uniformed size, suited to your selected preference. You may also see a burr grinder referred to as a mill grinder. 
  • Bladed – A singular blade revolves to grind down the coffee beans in a bladed grinder. However, this is not a very controlled process and is really much closer to blending rather than grinding. Despite the enticing price tag of bladed grinders, the end result of the coffee is unlikely to meet your expectations when purchasing a coffee machine with a grinder. 

Investing in a machine with a grinder is how you truly guarantee top-quality home-brewed coffee. We’ve rounded up the eight best coffee machines with grinders available online. Only reputable brands with top customer reviews are listed. Check them out for yourself below.


1. Cuisinart Grind & Brew


The Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 Grind & Brew makes a mean cup of freshly ground coffee and costs only a little more than $100. With nearly 8,000 reviews and a solid four-star rating on Amazon, you know your coffee grinding will be taken care of with this machine. It’s available in either black or silver and has capacity options of either 10 or 12 cups. The glass coffee carafe is ergonomically designed to be an aesthetic asset to your kitchen as well as an easy-to-use piece of equipment. It features a sloped handle complete with a knuckle protector and a zero-spill pourer. There’s also a pre-ground coffee option, but for the best coffee brew, we recommend grinding whole beans.

coffee machine with grinder cuisinart dgb automatic Image courtesy of Amazon


2. BLACK+DECKER Mill and Brew Coffee Maker


The age-old, patience-testing situation of waiting for the kettle to boil doesn’t completely disappear with a coffee machine, but the Sneak-a-Cup feature does help. It allows you to quickly pause the flow of a fresh brew, so you can take a cheeky cup of coffee and give your day a boost before the full cycle is complete. With a price tag under $100 and a user-friendly QuickTouch interface, this is a coffee machine with a grinder for everyone.

coffee machine with grinder black and decker 12 cup mill and brew Image courtesy of Amazon


3. KRUPS Grind and Brew Coffee Grinder


With the KRUPS Grind and Brew Coffee Grinder, you can customize the amount of coffee produced from two to 10 cups to suit your requirements at the time. It’ll also keep your fresh brew warm up to two hours and have it waiting for you first thing in the morning. You can control the strength of your coffee by utilizing the five grind settings, which offer finishes from coarse to fine. Plus, if you’re understandably eager to drink the coffee before your eyes, use the pause and serve option to take a cup of coffee in the middle of the brewing cycle.

coffee machine with grinder krups grind and brew auto Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Gaggia Espresso Machine


Although it has a professional coffee shop appearance, you don’t need to be a qualified barista to make a quality cup of coffee with the Gaggia Espresso Machine. It has an integrated wand for frothing, which makes it the ideal piece of equipment for making cappuccinos and lattes. The wand can also be used to dispense hot water which is useful for americanos and teas, too. Four buttons are positioned around an LED box at the top of the machine’s face to show your selection choice. This is a top standard coffee machine, complete with a grinder, which is easy to use and designed to be easy to clean, too.

coffee machine with grinder gaggia brera super automatic Image courtesy of Amazon


5. De’Longhi Coffee Machine


From looking at the De’Longhi ESAM3300 Coffee Machine, you might be unsure whether it has an integrated coffee grinder or not. The good news is that it does, and the even better news is that it’s so well designed, the grinder is hidden within the sleek silver casing. The dual spout makes two coffees at a time, just be sure to use mugs of under 4.25 inches to fit under the nozzles. Additionally, when purchasing a De’Longhi product, you gain access to the brand’s specialist support team who are happy to advise on all things coffee-related, whether specifically about your machine or about the best bean.

delonghi esam3300 super automatic espresso Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Calphalon Espresso Machine with Grinder


The exquisitely designed 15-bar Italian pump has been precisely manufactured for the ultimate layer of crema on espressos. Select from either a single or double shot to suit your preference, and use the steam or hot water options when required, too. The large, 2.8L water reservoir has a flip-up lid, making it easy to both refill and clean. Thirty different grinding finishes are possible with this machine, so there’s sure to be one that delivers the coffee of your dreams. And, to top it off, the warming tray ensures your cup is warm, ready for a wholesome sip of caffeine.

calphalon temp iq espresso machine Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Breville Barista Tour Espresso Maker


See your coffee on the touch screen of the Breville Barista Tour Espresso Maker before you instruct it to be made. The colorful display shows images and names of the types of beverages available, making it easy for any novice to produce a delicious cup of coffee. The three stages of production which the machine focuses on are the grind, the brew and the milk. All of these vital processes are controllable to suit your preference. Once decided, you can also program your personalized cup of joe into the machine for future brewing. Up to eight unique coffees can be stored.

breville barista touch espresso maker Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Saeco Xelsis Espresso Machine


Saeco has been crafting the finest coffee machines for over 30 years, and their Xelsis Espresso Machine combines the best of the coffee machines we’ve covered so far. It features a visual touchscreen, dual output and a hygiesteam system, which features automatic cleaning, making it always ready for the next use. The characteristic controlling equalizer, six customizable flavor profiles and ceramic grinding discs ensure the quality of your coffee is anything but compromised, even when made at home.

saeco xelsis super automatic espresso machine Image courtesy of Amazon


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