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Want the Ultimate Party Machine? This Coffee-Table Refrigerator Is a Multi-Tasking Beast

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The PRIMST Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table keeps your snacks and drinks close at hand, charges your phone or gaming controllers, cranks your music or movie sound, and saves you and your guests enough trips to the kitchen fridge earn a spot high on your must-buy list. Plus, it looks terrific wherever you decide to put it.

This isn’t a dorm-fridge mod or other DIY eyesore, held together with duct tape and covered in Rick and Morty stickers, begging to be exiled to the basement or the garage before taking the one-way trip to the curb. The sleek and modern design makes the PRIMST Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table a gorgeous centerpiece in any room. The anti-knock design keeps it quiet, and the integrated metal mesh plate allows for efficient heat dissipation. Rounded corners make it a toddler-friendly home addition — plus, the childproof locks keep the wee ones out of the adult beverages.

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The two 65-liter refrigerated drawers will keep any snack or drink fresh and cool for days. They hold up to 164 cans of your favorite drinks—that’s almost 7 cases—and with an ECO energy saving mode, it won’t spike your power bill. The two drawers are also independently temperature-controlled, so you can keep your drinks frosty without turning your meat and cheese tray into a pile of tooth-cracking boulders. Best of all? Now your kitchen fridge has so much more room for meal storage and staples, and your party goods aren’t battling for space with the gallon jugs of milk!

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Two Bluetooth speakers deliver enhanced sound and bass, whether you’re gaming or playing music from your phone or hooked up to your flatscreen. And when the party’s over and it’s time to clean up, the PRIMST Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table can be raised between 2.9 and 3.4 inches to let your standard vacuum or floor-cleaning robot easily get underneath.

For a machine which satisfies so many needs, the PRIMST Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table has an elegant simplicity to it. All the controls—clock, LED colors, brightness, volume, playback, and separate settings for the two refrigerator drawers—are built into the durable tempered-glass tabletop. There are no buttons to clean around or to get gummed up with chip debris, and there’s no app download required. The two USB charging ports are easily accessible, and pump out plenty of juice for everything from your controllers to your tablet or laptop.

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The PRIMST Smart Refrigerator Coffee comes with a lifetime warranty replacement—including free replacement for any machine damaged in transportation, any system failure, or compressor failure. Improper operation or intentional damage are not covered by the warranty, so don’t take out your Fortnite failures or your team’s missed field goal on this awesome device, please. Table dancing is also not recommended. At all. Short of that, however, this is everything your living room needs, for parties or movie night or even to—yes—hold your coffee on a quiet morning. Your kitchen will thank you too!