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Cuisinart’s Wireless Blender is Perfect for an On-The-Go Lifestyle

I hate wires. Well, hate feels like a strong word, but they’re definitely very annoying. As our headphones and our phones go increasingly wireless, I’m starting to love the freedom of a cordless existence. This is why I was so excited to see Cuisinart roll out a new series of cordless appliances, all fit for this modern era — and even more excited to get my hands on a unit to test. Cuisinart was kind enough to send the RPB-100 Evolution X Compact Blender for us to test.

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Cuisinart RPB-100 Evolution X Compact Blender: What We Liked

One of my biggest frustrations with standard blenders is that they’re often a little oversized for what I need from them. When I’m using a blender, it’s typically to make a shake of some sort, either as a meal replacement or to make a protein shake for after my workout. Breaking out the huge blender and base felt often felt like overkill — and left me with quite a bit of cleaning to do afterward.

The Evolution X Compact Blender solves all of those issues. Sure, I should have sprung for a smaller personal blender years ago, but there’s always the concern that a smaller blender won’t have the power needed to get the job done. That’s not an issue here. The Evolution X made short work of frozen-heavy shakes, blending them into chunk-free drinks each time. The key is to load your denser items into the blender first and then place lighter elements (i.e., your liquids and powders) into it at the very end.

The actual assembly of the blender itself is straightforward. Once loaded, you screw on the blade attachment and then flip the whole unit before locking it into the base. From there, a simple button press blends it all. Remove the bottle from the base, unscrew the blade, and you’re ready to drink. Cuisinart even included a go-to top to make it even easier to drink on the go.

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And, of course, the unit accomplishes all of this without a single cord. The included USB charger makes it easy to plug in the base when it needs some more juice and then remove it when you’re ready to blend. The entire system doesn’t take up considerable space either, making it great for apartments and small spaces. Oh, and clean-up is a breeze, too, thanks to the fully removable pieces that are dishwasher safe.


Cuisinart RPB-100 Evolution X Compact Blender: What We Didn’t Like

While the Evolution X’s single-serve functionality is great for someone like me who is using it for individual shakes, those who want to make bulk shakes might find themselves frustrated the container doesn’t provide more space. Additionally, I found the battery life goes by pretty quickly if you’re intent on consistently blending shakes or drinks with denser items. It’s not a huge hassle; charging moves pretty quickly, but something to note.


The Verdict: Small, Powerful and Great for On-The-Go

Those who don’t have a lot of space in their home and are looking for a blending solution that’s easy to use and extremely portable, it doesn’t get better than the Evolution X Compact Blender. I’m completely blown away by the blender’s design and functionality and feel like Cuisinart has really hit gold here. I know it’s silly to be this excited about a blender, but when it’s as well considered and executed as the Evolution, well, that is something to jazzed about.

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