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The Dash Deluxe 3QT Air Fryer Is Just $58 This Black Friday

Fried food, made healthier? Yup, it’s possible. You can get 35% off on the Dash Deluxe 3QT Air Fryer this Black Friday and enjoy crispier, crunchier (and healthier) fried foods from the comfort of your own home. Hungry yet?

This popular kitchen gadget is great for small parties, social gatherings, or just binge-watching with your boo after a long week. The Dash comes with an extra spacious three-quart capacity fryer to help pack more snacks into a surprisingly compact space. It actually offers enough room to fit an entire chicken inside. Best of all, it’s surprisingly easy to operate. Simply load the basket with your noms of choice, set the temperature, put on your timer, and you’re good to go. French fries, wings, tater tots — you crave it, the Dash can fry it.

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Unlike traditional fryers that rely on heavy frying oils to get the job done, the Dash Deluxe utilizes a healthier crisp frying technology that’s able to effectively reduce the amount of added fat up to 75%. That means your meals not only come out crunchier but also feel way less greasy. While that probably doesn’t mean you should fry all your meals, you can definitely feel a little less guilty when you decide to indulge.

Now, you’d think that a healthier alternative to fryers would result in tasteless meals with cardboard-like crunchy flavors, but the Dash doesn’t disappoint. In fact, by keeping all the flavors and smells packed inside, you’re able to enjoy your favorite fried foods — only they’re noticeably less greasy (and fatty). Plus, because they’re packed inside a single fryer, clean-up is a breeze.

Available in four fun colors, the Dash air fryer is as much a fashion accessory as it is a culinary creation. The built-in auto-shutoff feature is a safe and easy way to keep your foods from overcooking, and the generous one-year warranty offers enough leeway room to appease even the weariest of readers. And if all that weren’t enough, each purchase comes with a bonus nonstick fryer basket (great for fries!) and a handy recipe book to help you whip up all kinds of culinary concoctions.

During Black Friday, Amazon customers can get the Dash Deluxe 3QT Air Fryer for 34% off. Keep reading Spy to find other great Black Friday Deals.