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Review: I Like My Car Squeaky Clean and the eufy HomeVac H20 Is My New Best Friend

Some people judge a car by its exterior. Is it a high-end luxury ride? Does it have flashy rims or a must-see after-market paint job? Sure, I look at those things too. But I want to know whether your car’s inside is clean. A 10-year-old mid-level sedan with no memorable features will catch my eye if its interior is spotless. New car smell after 30,000 miles? My engine is officially revving.

I know that keeping a car clean isn’t always easy. If your job entails a long commute or you’re on the road all day, you’re likely snacking in your car. If you have a dog, shedding happens. If you have small children, everything happens.

I’m in the latter category. Before having kids, my car was the cleanest thing I owned. Now I shudder every time I buckle my tiny humans into their car seats. So. Many. Crumbs.

I’ve found that visiting my local car wash and using one of their super powerful, super loud vacuums is the most efficient and effective way to clean my car. Of course, busy schedules and babies, both human and fur, with sensitive ears can make that difficult. That’s why I was excited to try eufy’s new Clean HomeVac H20 — a lightweight, cordless vacuum designed specifically for cleaning cars. Watch out, tiny mountains of granola. I’m coming for you.


The eufy Clean HomeVac H20: At a Glance

The eufy Clean HomeVac H20 is a new handheld vacuum from eufy designed specifically for cleaning cars. The H20 is a larger alternative to eufy’s H11, a compact, 1.2-pound vacuum and Red Dot winner for design. The cordless, rechargeable H20 vacuum is still lightweight at less than 1.5 pounds and it comes with several useful attachments, a car charger and a storage bag.

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  • Weight: 1.44 pounds
  • Charge Time: 1 Hour
  • Charging Options: USB-A and C
  • Run Time: 30 min in Eco Mode with no lights, 5 to 10 minutes in Max with LED light
  • Attachments: Extension Hose, Brush Head
  • Comes With: Anker Car Charger, Storage Bag
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Charges Quickly
  • Useful Attachments
  • Quiet
  • Short Battery Life
  • Small dustbin

The eufy Clean HomeVac H20 boasts 40 AW of suction and can be charged in one hour when using a wall unit (charging takes slightly longer in a car). Users can choose between Eco Mode, which has 30 minutes of run time, or Max Mode, which has nine minutes of run time. An LED light can also be used to ensure dirt and debris aren’t missed.

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The compact eufy Clean HomeVac H20 can fit in a standard cup holder and comes with a brush head and an extension hose, which extend the users’ reach, especially in tight spots like the corners of cup holders.


What We Loved About The eufy Clean HomeVac H20

It’s tough to beat the design of the eufy Clean HomeVac H20. It’s extremely lightweight (my 4-year-old loves using it), and even on Max Mode, the noise level is relatively low. That’s good news for parents.

I liked that the eufy Clean HomeVac H20 arrives in its own storage bag. All the attachments are useful. The extension hose especially is a back saver. I also liked that the vacuum has a cover and can sit in a cup holder while it charges in the car, which helps to avoid it rolling around while I drive and it charges.

Including an LED light is another great design feature that made it easy to see under car seats, in door pockets and in cup holders with minimal issue.

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Cupholders before and after cleaning. Allison Bowsher |

The eufy Clean HomeVac H20 has three dots to indicate how much battery power is left, another plus since this can help prioritize where to clean when you have limited power remaining.

The dustbin does need to be emptied frequently, but this is not a deal breaker. The dustbin is simple to empty, and if you’re vacuuming your car, you are likely in a parking lot or driveway and have access to a garbage bin.

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What We Didn’t Like About The eufy Clean HomeVac H20

The eufy Clean HomeVac H20 advertises its battery life at 30 minutes, but this is on Eco Mode with no LED lights. I found that the vacuum needed to always be in Max Mode to get enough suction to pull up dirt and debris. Even though I was in my brightly lit garage, I still needed the LED light to see what I was doing, so the battery life is more like 5 to 10 minutes. I was unable to vacuum my entire car on one charge.

The suction was standard. Pieces of hair and grass embedded in my mats were still there after I vacuumed, but even the powerful vacuums at my local car wash struggle to get rid of these items. Pet owners will need a large vacuum to rid their cars of fur completely, but the eufy Clean HomeVac H20 could be helpful for small jobs in between trips to the car wash.

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Floor mats before and after cleaning. Allison Bowsher |

The Verdict: The eufy Clean HomeVac H20 Works For Small Cleaning Jobs

If you’re someone who always wants their car spotless, the eufy Clean HomeVac H20 is a useful tool. Parents with young kids especially will appreciate the eufy Clean HomeVac H20, which is lightweight for kids to use and can quickly clean out spills and messes in and around car seats. The eufy Clean HomeVac H20 is also a solid choice for those who spend all day in their car since it can be charged on the go and takes up minimal space.

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