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Fluidstance Just Released Slope, an Ingenious Whiteboard for Your Desk

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You know when you just have to jot something down quickly? Those moments that, let’s be honest, happen about a million times over the course of a busy workday? Whether it’s a reminder from your boss you can’t seem to absorb or an urgent to-do you absolutely cannot leave your desk without accomplishing that day, little notes tend to accumulate and clutter the average workspace.

Post-It notes are great for work station organization and very useful in a pinch, but if your workspace keeps getting cluttered with them it might be time to switch to a new system. Enter: Slope, a seamlessly designed work station whiteboard from Fluidstance built to help people remind, take note and mindlessly doodle while cutting back on paper usage. Fluidstance is best known for making top-rated balance boards, and we were excited to check out the brand’s latest creation.

Slope Personal Whiteboard Fluidstance

Slope Personal whiteboard, fluidstance slope personal whiteboard

This personal whiteboard was inspired by a blank ski run, waiting for you to glide through and make your mark on it. It’s perfectly sized to fit between your monitor and keyboard in most workspaces and has a gentle angle to make writing, erasing and rewriting easy.

It’s also high enough off of your desk to slide your keyboard underneath it for easy storage, and features a phone dock for positioning your smartphone at just the right angle for view.

It also has a channel built in for holding dry-erase markers and felt pads underneath it for protecting your desk’s surface.

It’s made of 100% heavy-duty steel, perfect for attaching magnets, and is powder-coated using a low-emissions method that’s environmentally sustainable and high-quality. Each one is made in the US in Santa Barbara, California.