Meet The Geekey: The Key-Shaped Multi-Tool That’s 16+ Tools Built Into One

Courtesy of Geekey
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Sometimes a gadget comes along that you know is going to make your life easier. Human beings are simple creatures — all we really want is to get through the day and accomplish our goals in as few steps as possible, and multi-tools are a great hardware shortcut in making that happen. Instead of needing to fish your best screwdriver out of the toolbox whenever a bolt comes loose, or find the infamously elusive pair of scissors whenever a package arrives — we need a tool that can do it all. Well, now one exists, and it accomplishes all tasks in a small, key-sized package.

Meet the Geekey. It’s a key-shaped and key-sized multi-tool that has an impressive amount of functionality built into its small package. It’s made of 420 stainless steel and can accomplish 16+ jobs, all while blending in with the rest of your keys on your keychain.

Geekey Courtesy of Geekey
Geekey Courtesy of Geekey

geekey multi-tool Geekey’s 16+ tools built into one. Courtesy of Geekey

The tool features everything from a protractor to a wire stripping tool, to a screwdriver and a closed wrench. It looks just like a piece of jewelry but is also incredibly strong, precise in its production and built to last.

It can even be used as a smoking pipe, by putting weed or tobacco into the little notch on the head of the key and lighting it using a lighter. No joint, no problem — this tiny device can be your key to getting high as well as all the other jobs it can do for you.

Geekey smoking pipe Courtesy of Geekey

Since it’s only a few inches long, it’s easy to bring with you anywhere you might need it — on the hiking trail, beach, camping trip or office. It’s made using Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and heat treated to H900 so it can withstand endless use on some of the toughest tasks.

Geekey Courtesy of Geekey

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